Best Makeup for Sensitive Skin

Cosmetics are meant to enhance your beauty, express your creativity and they can give you a major confidence boost. However, if you have sensitive skin, cosmetics can also be a major source of frustration and disappointment. Investing time and money into products only to have them irritate your skin is a major bummer, so we’ve rounded up some makeup products for sensitive skin that will leave your skin gorgeous and calm.

Woman applying foundation

Foundation is one of the most misunderstood and misused beauty products. It’s tempting to use the fullest coverage foundation you can find to cover any and all areas of redness or imperfection, but doing so often results in a very heavy, cakey looking face. In addition, using tons and tons of product can aggravate sensitive skin so take advice from the professionals and just use foundation to even out your complexion. Mineral foundations are often recommended for those with sensitive skin and one of the absolute best is bareMinerals original formula foundation. This foundation is easy to apply and is free from any preservatives, fragrances and other known irritants. If you are not a fan of mineral makeup, look to liquid formulations by Clinique or Physician’s Formula. Both companies focus on providing only the highest quality allergen and irritant free makeup that is both gentle and effective. When it comes to the application of liquids and sensitive skin, a makeup sponge like the BeautyBlender tends to be your best bet to avoid irritation or inflammation.

Blush and Bronzer
If you suffer from sensitive and dry skin, you may find that your complexion is a bit dull and flat. To fix this, use a blush for a natural glow and bronzer to warm up your face. Some experts suggest using cream blushes and bronzers on sensitive skin, but if you find that you are tugging at the skin when applying these products, stick to powder. Josie Maran makes a hybrid of a cheek stain and a cream blush with her nourishing Coconut Water Cheek Gelee made without parabens, sulfates or irritants and with coconut water and vitamin E. These blushes are great for beginners to cream products because they are super easy to blend and you can begin with a sheer application of color then build to more opaque color.

Bronzer may seem intimidating at first, but it’s really nothing to be scared of. If you’re new to bronzer, skip the intense contouring and just sweep bronzer across your face in areas where the sun would hit naturally like your forehead, cheeks and lightly on your nose. This helps add warmth to your face and give it more dimension. Physician’s Formula is most famous for their bronzers and they come in an endless variety from shimmer to matte to bronzers with skin-boosting benefits.

Woman applying lipstick.

Sensitive skin doesn’t end on your cheeks or forehead, you can also have sensitive skin on your lips. It’s especially important to care for sensitive lips because the skin on your lips is already thinner and more delicate than elsewhere. Before applying your lip products, especially if you love a matte lip, be sure that you hydrate and protect your lips. Blistex makes a lip treatment made exclusively for sensitive skin that contains only six ingredients one of which is ultra moisturizing vitamin E.

Makeup for sensitive skin doesn’t have to be frustrating and confusing. Many cosmetic brands today are looking towards more natural and more gentle ingredients for their products so they can be enjoyed by people with all types of skin. Brands that are particularly beneficial for sensitive skin include bareMinerals, Clinique, Physician’s Formula and Josie Maran. Look and feel your best with these makeup products and tips for sensitive skin.


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