Best Moscato Wines

Moscato wines are most commonly white, but there are pink and red versions available. Made from the Muscat family of grapes, there are three major types of Moscato wines: Sparkling Moscato d’Asti, Still Moscato and Dessert Moscato. Moscato wine is most famously recognized for its intense, heady aroma of grape and other fruits and its distinctly sweet fruit and floral taste. Moscato wine has been enjoying a surge in popularity for several years and if you try the Moscato wines we’ve listed below, you will understand why this wine is receiving praise and recognition.

Dessert wines

Barefoot Moscato Wine
This award-winning moscato is produced by Barefoot Cellars in Modesto, California. Purchased by the E & J Gallo Family Winery in 2005, Barefoot is famous for their great tasting and lively wines. The Barefoot Moscato wine is certainly no exception and is one of the most popular brands of Moscato. This white wine is citrusy and aromatic with flavors of apricot, orange, peach and lemon.

Gallo Family Moscato
E & J Gallo Family Winery is the largest family-owned winery in the United States and it encompasses several brands, including the Barefoot brand as mentioned above. The Gallo Family Moscato is a white wine produced in Modesto, California and has citrus notes, a pronounced peach flavor and honey.

Robert Mondavi Moscato d’Oro 2014
The vast majority of Moscato wines are known for their sweetness, but this Robert Mondavi Moscato d’Oro is more balanced in flavors. While still sweet, this Napa Valley Moscato features peach and lychee fruit with the delicate flavors of orange blossom and jasmine to create a complex, silky Moscato.

Ecco Domani Moscato 2011
Hailing from the renowned Venezie region of Italy, the 2011 Ecco Domani Moscato has a sweet aroma that gives notes of mandarin orange, peach and honeysuckle. This white Moscato is easy-to-drink and features light bubbles (frizzante) with an acidity level that allows for a number of food pairings.

Jam Jar Moscato
The name itself gives an indication of what to expect from this white Moscato, and it certainly lives up to its name. Jam Jar Moscato is produced with Muscat grapes from Western Cape, South Africa. Jam Jar white Moscato opens with the aroma of peach and tropical fruits. The taste is very sweet with the flavors of peach, apricot with orange, mango and pineapple. Sweetness is balanced with the tiniest bit of fizz and a good acidity that gives the wine a crisp finish.

Martin & Weyrich Moscato Allegro
Using Muscat Canelli grapes from California, this white Moscato is an intensely sweet, but not cloying, wine that opens with the aromas of orange peel, honey, apricots and a touch of melon. This Moscato reveals tastes of honey, peaches, orange peel and vanilla with just a touch of effervescence. Despite all the sweetness, the medium length of the finish gives this wine a refreshing crispness.

Moscato wines are popular for a reason: they are easy-to-drink, sweet and yet crisp and refreshing. Sparkling Moscato d’Asti is perfect to accompany any celebration and dessert Moscato wines provide an aromatic and luscious end to your evening. With the plethora of fruit and floral flavors the Moscato wines have, there is certainly one that will suit your tastes perfectly. Salute!

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