Holiday Decorating Ideas

Holiday decor

We could all use a little bit more time in our days during the holiday season. Between work, family, social events and finding the perfect gifts, you hardly have time to breathe and when you add decorating for the holidays to your to-do list, it can seem overwhelming. Fear not! We’ve listed four of our favorite holiday decorating ideas that not only save you tons of time, they also are super budget-friendly!

Use Christmas Cards from Family and Friends
One of the best things about the holiday season is receiving cards from friends and family, but it can be difficult to come up with ways to display these. This year, skip placing them on the mantel and use these cards to decorate your stairway instead. Simply use a hole punch, string some festive ribbon through and tie to your stairway for an easy way to add some holiday decor to your home. If you don’t have stairs, or don’t want your cards in reach of children or pets, you can use ribbon and paper clips to make a decorative swag from which your cards can hang.

Woman buying Christmas ornaments

Chances are you’re already decorating with ornaments, but these colorful baubles aren’t limited to your tree. A great way to add some cheer to your home is by making an ornament wreath to hang on your door. A styrofoam ring form, some hot glue and cheap ornaments are all it takes to craft a homemade bit of brightness. You can also use ornaments to create a garland. You’ll need heavy duty ribbon and a lot of patience, but you can create a gorgeous garland by stringing ornaments of varying sizes together. For last minute decorating ideas with ornaments, grab an empty hurricane vase or other clear glass dish and fill with ornaments for a pop of color.

Gift Bows
Use your gift bows for more than just adorning your gifts this year. Purchase mini white and silver bows and some fishing line. Affix a bow (one per side, so they stick together) to the fishing line. Continue doing this until you have a long enough strand to hang from your window. These sparkling bows create a playful illusion of snow falling. If you have any extra styrofoam wreath forms lurking around your home, grab your hot glue gun and create a wreath using various sizes of holiday bows. If you love the idea of mini bows but don’t want to take the time to craft something (the holidays are super busy, we know) then you can also fill hurricane vases or apothecary jars with bows for quick holiday decoration.

Christmas candy

Seasonal candy isn’t just a delicious treat, it can make for excellent holiday decor as well. Fill apothecary jars with red and green colored candies, candy canes or peppermint candy mints. You can also fill jars with marshmallows for a whimsical interpretation of snow. If you have flat glass dish for candles, why not add a little bit of peppermint candy to the bottom of the dish for extra festive candles. While not a candy, cinnamon sticks are also great holiday treat that pulls double duty as decorations. Wrap some cinnamon sticks around a candle and secure with twine or ribbon. Not only does this look jolly, but it smells amazing as you burn your candle. Holiday decorations your kids will love to help with are as easy as a bit of hot glue, styrofoam forms and some rock candy. Cone styrofoam shapes make excellent trees or you can use small circular styrofoam forms to create mini wreaths out of candy.

With all you have to do and the short amount of time you have in which to accomplish everything, decorating your home may seem like just another chore. Put the fun back into holiday decorating when you use our festive, time-saving decoration ideas. To make it even quicker (and way more fun!) involve your whole family. Not only will you have a beautiful holiday home, you’ll be making memories that are sure to last for years to come!


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