Winter Makeup Hacks

You change your skin-care products when the cold weather rolls around, but you might not think about switching up your makeup products. Think again. Winter weather brings a unique set of challenges where your makeup is concerned. The dry air can make your absolute favorite foundations look heavy and cakey in minutes. Avoid a chalky, cakey face with our favorite winter makeup hacks.

Use Tinted Moisturizer
You may be under the impression that your tinted moisturizer is reserved for summer use only because of its light feel, but winter is a great time to use a tinted moisturizer as your foundation. Because of the dry winter air, traditional heavy coverage foundations can look cakey, especially when you’re also using a setting powder. A tinted moisture not only avoids the caked on look, it also adds a bit of luster and radiance to dull winter skin.

Woman using oil for skin care

Add Oil to Foundation
If you prefer more coverage and use a medium to full coverage foundation, you can help prevent it from looking too cakey by adding a drop of your favorite oil. Simply pour your foundation onto the back of your hand, or a mixing tray, and add one drop of your favorite oil. Argan oil is a great choice for winter and it blends seamlessly with foundations. Mix the oil and foundation well and then apply. You’ll be amazed at how natural this combination of products looks and how easily your foundation glides onto your skin. This trick will keep cake face away and boost hydration to parched winter skin.

Consider Creams
Because the winter atmosphere has so little moisture, all of your makeup can end up looking a bit heavier, including your powders. When winter rolls around, you might want to try switching to cream versions of blush, bronzer and liquid highlighters as opposed to powder. You don’t have to invest in all new products, although this is a great reason to branch out a splurge a bit, you can mix up your own blushes and highlighters with products you already have. Use your favorite shimmery eyeshadow with a bit of skin cream for a subtle highlight. You can also grab your favorite lipstick, mix with a bit of skin cream, and use that as a cream blush.

Lip scrub

Use a Lip Scrub
Chapped lips do not look good with products piled on top of them, but you don’t have to forgo all of your favorite lipsticks. Using a good lip scrub several times a week will stop your lips from flaking. You can purchase a lip scrub or you can make your own at home. To make your own, use either honey or coconut oil and granulated sugar. Mix the two together and apply to lips. You can also use a toothbrush to exfoliate dry lips, but be sure to do so gently so you don’t damage the delicate skin of your lips. Follow the exfoliation with an extra condition lip balm or treatment for maximum smoothness.

When it comes to winter makeup, changing a few items takes your makeup game to the next level. It’s always a good idea to keep a great face mist on hand, just in case your makeup starts drying out despite your best efforts. MAC Fix+, Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater or Josie Maran Nirvana Hydrating Mist are all excellent products for when your face needs a bit of hydration. When it comes to color, winter is a great time to break out those deeper, darker colors you’ve been dying to wear all summer, but don’t think you can’t get away with a pop of hot pink on the lips just because the days are long and dark. Use our winter makeup hacks to keep your skin looking and feeling great.


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