Thanksgiving Decor

There are a lot of things to love and be thankful for in the thanksgiving season. Great food, quality time with family, and a rare opportunity and reminder to call to mind all the things you have that you should be happy about.

But one thing that can be just as fun as all the good food and times with family is the decorations! Decorating for the fall can be a lot of fun, and they stay relevant after thanksgiving too; nobody says you have to put up the Christmas decorations as soon as turkey day’s over! It is still autumn, after all (the official first day of winter is December 22!).

So today, Vine Vera’s offering up some thanksgiving decorating tips that are as tasty as your turkey day feast.

Decorations for Thankgiving

Mason Jar Vases
Rustic, functional, with a fun DIY element and a touch of antiquity, This project is as neat to make as it is to look at. Just get four-quart mason jars, paint them all over with a couple coats of white paint on the outside, then grab some brown or copper paint and your favorite jumbo-sized stencil letters, and paint “F-A-L-L” on the jars, one letter per jar. You can then fill them with water and some fresh-cut flowers, or just bunch up some silk flowers if you never want to have to change them. Either way, go for reds and golds with some complementary greenery for a lovely fall accent with a delightful contrast between the flowers and jars, and a unique, rustic fee.

Vase? What Vase?
Okay, before we go on, let it be known we have nothing against vases, and they’re super useful. It’d be a bit hypocritical if we said otherwise after that last entry. That said, here’s a fun alternative to the traditional flowers-in-a-vase option: find some rustic wooden spools (Etsy is a great place to look) and stick stems of dried leaves in them for a uniquely autumnal and delightfully novel decoration idea. You can also use them for fresh flowers if you get spools with wider holes and can fit floral tubes in them, though beware: you’ll need to refill the water every single day, unlike larger-volume traditional vases.

Gourd candlesticks

Gourd Candlesticks
It can’t get more fall-themed than this. Get some miniature decorative gourds and hollow out the middles of them, making just enough space to fit a candle inside. Stack two on top of each other and slide a candle in, and you’re golden.

Vintage Fall DIY Luminary Tray
Grab a nice earth-toned metal or ceramic tray, and lay down some candles covered by vintage box graters. Fill the rest of the tray with acorns and a couple extra candles. In no time flat, you’ve got yourself a modern, yet rustic fall lighting accessory for moody lighting at nighttime. Put it in the middle of the table and set out more candles spread around the table (the gourd candlesticks from above would complement nicely!) for a quiet candlelit dinner, or put the tray on a sideboard for a nice atmospheric touch, with the lights on dim.


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