Outfits that Accommodate a Thanksgiving Tummy

Thanksgiving is a special time for a lot of things. You’ll be visiting and spending quality time with family and friends, you’ll be calling to mind and expressing gratitude for what you have, and you’ll be eating lots and lots of delicious food.

We don’t blame you if you want to take this one day out of the year as an opportunity to really pig out and enjoy yourself. After all, one day of indulgence isn’t going to ruin your figure, and the fantastic food you’ll have before you represents an opportunity that, after all, only comes once a year! What’s a little temporary bloating in the face of a once-a-year feast?

That said, considering how many people you’ll be eating in front of, you’ll still want to look good. Looking good and pigging out may seem antithetical to each other when you consider the aforementioned bloating, but Vine Vera’s here to tell you otherwise. You absolutely can look totally fabulous and eat all you want, with some creative wardrobe choices. If this notion intrigues you, do keep reading, because we’re about to spill all the secrets to looking great and eating a ton this thanksgiving.


When it comes to being stylish with something big, baggy, and flowy, it really doesn’t get any better than ponchos. Grab your favorite fashionable poncho and complete the outfit with long sleeves, skinny jeans or leggings, boots, and a fancy, well-coordinated hat. Casual yet elegant, fashionable yet functional, and downright perfect for concealing that food baby.

Shift dress

Shift Dresses
Shift dresses are the epitome of stylish comfort. They don’t always look comfortable, but they certainly feel so, managing to be both stunning and roomy. They’ll conceal that bloated bulge no problem, just don’t wear a belt with them! Normally, it can be a great idea, but not today; you’re planning on eating far more than usual, so sectioning your stomach, causing serious discomfort, or accentuating your belly are all things you want to avoid—and all things that wearing a belt on your dress will cause. So just leave it out! Shift dresses are great because they look just fine without one. Make it a full ensemble by matching a neutral-colored dress with tall boots and a bright scarf.

Woman wearing a coat during fall

All the Layers
When you want to conceal things, layers is the way to go. Adding multiple layers of fabric has a smoothing effect on your frame, sort of flattening the appearance of things. Further, layers in different shapes—such as a straight silhouette jacket over a form-fitting blouse—or different patterns and colors are especially effective. Vertical stripes or long, dangly necklaces also have an elongating effect on your torso, making you look a fair bit more slender.

What to Avoid
As we mentioned before, avoid belts! Further, stay away from horizontal stripes, which will make you look wider and draw attention to your belly. Finally, avoid any pants or skirts that feel tight around your midsection already; they’ll only get worse as your tummy fills up with food.


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