Face Yoga

There are a lot of different ways to improve the appearance of the skin on your face. You can disguise the feature you’re unhappy about with makeup, you can use anti-aging products with ingredients like antioxidants, collagen, retinol, and more, or you can undergo cosmetic procedures like injections (such as botox), laser treatments, deep peels, surgeries, and more.

Or, you could try face yoga. Never heard of it? Sounds weird? We don’t blame you. But it’s looking like there might actually be something to this seemingly bizarre notion.

If you really think about it, it makes sense: when the rest of your body is out of shape, how do you solve it? By working out, of course. It almost seems to follow intuitively, then, that the same could be true of the face. Let’s take a look at the practice of face yoga and what it entails.

various face yoga poses

Face Yoga
Facial yoga simply involves stretching your head and face in various ways to stimulate the skin and the muscles in it to improve the appearance of your facial skin.

How, exactly, could this work? Well, your skin is attached to your muscle. Sometimes, when your skin sags, it’s in part because the muscles it’s attached to are out of shape and sagging. Just like any other muscles, exercising the ones in your face can firm up and tighten them, dragging the skin on top of it along for the ride, resulting in smoother, tighter skin.

Now that we’ve established how it could work, let’s give it a go. Try these stretches on for size.

Smooth your Forehead
Ball up both your hands into fists. Place your fists on your forehead, with the middle and index knuckles making contact with the center of your forehead. Push down with firm, but gentle pressure, and gradually slide your fists out from the center, finishing it off with a firm press into the temple. Do this four times to help prevent wrinkles by relieving tension in the forehead.

Lift Your Neck
Pucker up your lips like you’re going to kiss someone, but exaggerate it. Move your puckered lips to one side until you feel a stretch in your cheek, then turn your whole head to that side at a 45-degree angle, stretching your neck. Hold it for three seconds. Do this twice in each direction to prevent or reverse sagging of the chin and jawline.

Lift Your Face
Put your hands on your temples, pushing up and back, pulling the skin on the sides of your face upward. Make an open “O” shape with your mouth and stretch your face as long as possible (drop your jaw). Hold for five seconds and repeat a total of three times for smoothing out your smile lines.

Lift Your Eyes
Drop your shoulders down. Lift one arm straight up, dropping it over your head, bringing your fingers to the opposite side of the head, and resting your fingers on your temple. Press firmly but gently on that temple, gradually letting your head be pulled towards your shoulder. Slowly exhale through your mouth, and repeat on the other side, helping lift drooping eyelids and sagging skin all over the face.


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