Why You Need Retinol in Your Skin Care

Woman applying serum around her eyes

Retinol is a powerful anti-aging ingredient in skin care products that can do a lot of good for the health and appearance of your skin. But Vine Vera thinks it’s more than one of many optional ingredients that you may or may not want to include in your skin care repertoire. We tend to think that the benefits of retinol are so diverse and so profound that you basically need to be using at least a little of it.

If you’re not convinced yet (or even if you’re already a fan of retinol but would like to hear why we love it so much), keep reading, because Vine Vera’s not just going to tell you that you need retinol, we’re going to tell you exactly why you need it in your life, in full detail.

Retinol Boosts Collagen Production
Collagen is one of the main substances responsible for providing skin with its elasticity. It makes up the bulk of the extracellular matrix, the system of connections between cells that hold tissues together. The more you have in your skin, the better the skin, well, holds itself together, meaning it will stretch tight and smooth out wrinkles and lines, and using retinol regularly can potentially boost the collagen production of your in.

Retinol Improves Cellular Communication
Retinol’s biggest draw, and the mechanism by which it performs most of its anti-aging feats, is its role in cellular communication. Retinol has the unique distinction in being one of the best substances that can be used to enhance communication between cells. Why is this a big deal? More on that next.

Retinol is an Antioxidant
Along with resveratrol and vitamin C, retinol is among the ranks of powerful antioxidants in the skin care world. As a refresher, antioxidants are substances that reduce oxidative stress on cells and help keep damaging free radicals at bay. This ultimately means happier, healthier cells, and when talking about skin cells in particular, this means a lovely boost to anti-aging effects.

Retinol Reduces Wrinkles and Discoloration
With the improved communication between cells that retinol provides comes the phenomenon of old and/or damaged skin cells behaving like younger, healthier skin cells. This carries a number of benefits, but chief among the is retinol’s ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and discoloration, quite possibly the two characteristics that can age a face the most.

Retinol Improves Pore Function and Size
As if all that weren’t enough, retinol also stimulates pores to behave themselves, as it were. This results in improvement and maybe even elimination of acne and eczema, as well as reducing pore size, which makes the skin visibly smoother.

Bottom Line
The reason Vine Vera says “need” instead of “you should consider it” is because very few ingredients in the skin care world do so well. The reason we heavily recommend retinol for your skin isn’t because it has antioxidant properties, because it helps with wrinkles and discoloration, or because it maintains pores, but because it does all of these things, and does them very well to boot. Retinol is a rare gem as a highly effective multitasker, and you should add some to your routine right now.


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