Dealing with a Breakup

Depressed woman

Breaking up with a partner you really care about is never easy, and that’s a massive understatement. When you invest a lot of hope and effort into a relationship only for it to fail, it can be downright devastating. It’s a big paradigm shift; you have to go from having someone you love unconditionally always at your side and in so many parts of your life, to suddenly feeling a gaping void in your life, that once was filled and just got ripped out as you watched and squirmed with pain.

Vine Vera understands how difficult this can be, and we want to help. We know how challenging the emotions surrounding a breakup can be to navigate, and we want you to feel better.

Woman consoling her friend.

Talk About It
Friends are always important and beloved throughout all parts of life; they’re there to be a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen in times of hardship, a loyal and caring companion to call on when needed.

Well, if you just went through a tough breakup, now is a time of hardship, and calling up a friend or spending some time in person to vent your emotions and frustrations and get it all out there can be invaluable.

That said, don’t treat your friends like therapists. If you start needing more than a listening ear and a comforting face, you might want to consider therapy, where a professional can help you sort through and analyze your feelings and help you heal.

Learn to Let Go
It can be incredibly hard to get used to your ex no longer being in your life, but over time, learn to let go of them, and gradually allow yourself to be okay with their absence. You won’t get used to it overnight, or even for awhile, but start telling yourself you don’t need them, and that you will be okay without them, and gradually, over time, you’ll start to believe it.

Woman eating chocolate.


Pamper Yourself
Right after a difficult breakup, one of the best ways to help yourself recover is by thoroughly pampering yourself. Do things you’d normally hold back on (so long as you don’t ruin your finances). Splurge a little, eat all the junk food you want. Right now, you deserve it, and as long as you don’t make a habit out of it, indulging a little can be a decent way to cope.

This is simply not true, not at all. Granted, depending on the way you broke up, there might be bitterness and bruised feelings that would make a friendship difficult, but if you and your ex are mature about it, and break up amicably, not because you hate each others’ guts, but because you realized that you were not a good fit for each other as romantic partners, it is totally possible to stay friends with them, and in fact, highly recommended. If you had a special bond with this person and felt close to them, you don’t have to lose that. It might be awkward at first, and it won’t be the same kind of relationship, but you don’t have to lose the bond you cherished; you can still be in each others’ lives as close friends, and you can still share just as much love, support, joy and closeness, simply in a platonic way rather than romantic.


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