Fake it ‘Till You Make it

Imagine this: you wake up, groggy and listless, possibly a little queasy and not feeling well. Maybe you’re sick, maybe you just don’t feel so great in general. Whatever the case, you look in the mirror, and the face of someone thoroughly in need of rest and recovery stares back at you. Sadly, you don’t have time for either of those right now, and will have to suck it up and go about your day before you can relax.

So what do you do? You may not be feeling the greatest, but you certainly might want to make sure you at least look decent. Besides, looking good will be a confidence boost, and help you feel at least a bit better. Only one problem: you look so under the weather you’re not sure if today’s look will be salvageable.

If this has ever happened to you, Vine Vera is here to help. Keep reading, and we’ll give you our expert tips to covering up your under-the-weather face and looking as bright and perky as ever when you’re feeling icky.

Woman applying lip gloss

Gloss Those Lips
If your face is looking washed out and sickly, you can counter that by focusing on your lips, giving them a “pop” that draws attention and makes them a focal point, thus distracting from the rest of the face. Gloss is a better choice than lipstick, because it kills two birds with one stone: the shine more effectively draws attention to the lip area, and gloss hydrates rather than drying out like lipstick can. Your lips are likely already prone to dryness when you’re not feeling well, so an option that gives your face a pop while simultaneously hydrating is just a big win-win.

Woman applying concealer.

Under Eye Concealer
If you look ill, you probably have pretty bad dark circles under those eyes. It’s especially important in this case to use a good, quality under-eye concealer. The less you use the better; you want just enough to effectively cover the circles. Opt for a creamy concealer that’s close to your skin tone, but with a yellow tint to it (this counteracts the purplish hue of the dark circles). Apply right where the darkness is and nowhere else, and rub it in with vertical motions.

Woman applying moisturizer.

Hydrate and Protect Under the Nose
If you’re congested or have a runny nose, it’s all too easy to over-dry the area right under the nose from constant nose blowing and tissues rubbing against it every time. To combat this, put a little petroleum jelly under your nose, rub it in thoroughly, apply foundation normally, and finish the nose area with translucent fixing powder to hold it in place and prevent the worst of potential rubbing-off of makeup and drying throughout the day. Keep some petroleum jelly on hand to re-hydrate as needed.

You’ll want to reapply often since you’ll be drinking lots of fluids while sick (and if you’re not drinking lots of fluids, you should be!) which can wash the gloss off over time, and if you’re worried about forgetting to reapply or not getting a chance to all the time, you can color your lips with tinted lip balm or a lip pencil underneath the gloss.


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