Fall Fashion Styles

Dressing for the season is a great, fun way to stay current, and if you get your hands on some really cute seasonal outfits, you can keep them in your closet for fall of next year, too!

Fall is an especially fun season to dress for, because of the potential for variety it boasts. The cool, sometimes chilly weather that’s overall mild when compared to summer’s pounding heat and winter’s piercing cold, means you’re not limited to airy, minimalistic warm-weather clothes, nor heavy, bulky, cold-weather attire. Instead, you have free reign over the middle ground; tees, cardigans, light sweaters, pants, skirts, tights, leggings; it’s all fair game this season.

But for all its glory, fall can offer the fashion-conscious among us a unique challenge: what will we do with all these options? Choice can be paralyzing, and it’s triply so when the choices seem as multitudinous as the fish in the sea. Thankfully, though, Vine Vera’s about to give you some ever-helpful pointers to help you start making killer autumn getups sure to turn heads.

Stylish woman wearing bangles

No outfit is truly complete without stunning accessories to provide a finishing touch of elegance and flair. From jewelry to hair accents to handbags, accessories make or break an outfit.

This fall, delicate, sparkly, feminine jewelry is in. Try a slender braided wire mesh or slim bangle bracelet for a wrist accent, thin chain necklaces with small, gemstone-accented pendants that sit right around the collarbone, and small, shiny rings and knuckle rings that sparkle as you move your fingers. Leaf-motif jewelry would be appropriately autumnal, as would anything that strikes your fancy or suits your personality, so long as it’s small, shiny, and feminine.

To continue this theme, go for sleek, slim purses, belts, etc. It’s hard to be too specific without a certain outfit in mind, but keep it delicate and feminine. Alternately, create contrast with big, bold accents to counter your slim and sparkling jewelry.

Woman wearing a cardigan.

Outfit Combinations
For outfit ideas, you’ve got plenty of options to work with. Cardigans are a great cool-weather option, and can be a great accent to an otherwise dull shirt-and-jeans combo. Skirt and sweater matchups are also great for fall, and can even be worn right into winter with warm enough sweaters and thick enough leggings to wear under the skirts. And for the important meetings this fall for all you industrious businesswomen, all-grey women’s suits are in vogue this season.

Throwing some iconic fall colors in the mix can be a great way to both embolden your outfits a little and show your season-conscious autumnal flair. Given the bold, warm nature of fall colorations, this tends to work best when you pick one major piece of the outfit and one accessory in matching fall colors, and go with neutrals for the rest of the outfit. A blood red, half-buttoned cardigan and a matching tote, a banana-yellow flower hairpin with matching heels, or orange fingerless gloves with a matching orange belt are just a few examples of how you can make this work for you.


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