Fixes for Out of Control Hair

Crazy out of control hairWhen it’s in good shape, hair can be just about the best thing ever. Gracefully adorning your head, accenting your best features, giving you an outlet to show your creativity when you’re in the mood for fun hairstyles. It can be your crown, a source of pride and confidence.

But when it’s misbehaving, hair can be just the opposite…unruly, out of control hair is like a weed growing form your head that makes you look silly and dull. It’s a source of dismay, and saps your confidence like a leech.

And that’s exactly why Vine Vera is going to show you how you can tame untamable hair, and conquer that out of control ‘do. Read on, and kiss that frizzled mess on your head goodbye.

Limit Shampoo
You’ve likely heard you’re supposed to wash your hair every single day, but you’ve heard wrong. Washing every day works for some people, especially people with particularly greasy and oily hair, but those among us with dry, curly, or fragile hair need not follow this “rule.” Instead, only use shampoo every other day, every third day, or even just every four days or so. You can even extend that out longer; the point is, don’t wash your hair if it doesn’t need it. Go without shampoo until you notice your scalp itches and/or your hair looks greasy. At that point, it’s time to wash.

On non-shampoo days, do still rinse your hair with warm water, and do still use conditioner; the whole point of avoiding constant shampooing is to allow your hair stay moisturized, and conditioner helps do exactly that.

Protect From Heat Damage
If you like to flat-iron your hair sometimes (or, for that matter, if you ever use a curling iron), you need to make sure your hair is protected from damage. Ironing your hair can not only dry it out, but it can cause long-lasting damage that will make your hair indefinitely frizzy. As such, spritz your hair with a heat-protectant spray formulated for flat ironing before you get to work.

Only Comb When Wet
If you have a problem with your hair getting out of control, you won’t want to ever brush or comb it when it’s dry. Instead, do that just after or even during your shower, when your hair is lubricated and isn’t going to end up ludicrously frizzy for the effort.

Don’t Towel Dry…or Blow Dry
Not towel-drying is easy enough to understand; rubbing a towel against your hair quite clearly roughs it up and can cause frizz and unruly-ness, but we can already imagine some of you recoiling at the thought of having to give up blow-drying. The thing is, if you have hair that tends to frizz up and get out of control, you’re not a great candidate for blow-drying, as doing so…well, dries out your hair, which causes frizz. Try just letting it air dry instead.

Now, if you rely on blow-drying and are getting a little scared by now, don’t worry: you can still blow-dry, but you need to set in on the lowest setting and do it very, very slowly.


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