5:2 Skin Diet

You may have heard of a new diet trend known as the “5:2 diet.” The idea of this diet plan is to eat as you typically would five days out of the week, and then restrict your calories, fat, etc, for two days. While this diet idea may sound appealing, there is little to no evidence showing that it actually works, as eating healthily for only two days out of the week, and then switching right back to junk food and whatever else is in your typical diet, doesn’t actually do much.

The “5:2 skin diet” is a new skincare trend that emulates the 5:2 diet, but with makeup usage rather than food intake. The idea is that if you wear all the makeup you usually would five days out of the week, but take two consecutive days to go makeup-free, it will help reset your skin’s natural balance and keep it in better shape. Sadly, the 5:2 skin diet’s effectiveness suffers from similar issues as the 5:2 diet, though the practice could have some advantages.

Woman with natural makeup

Five Days On, Two Off
The operative principle of the 5:2 skin diet is that taking a two-day break from the harmful effects that makeup can have on the skin will be overall beneficial. One thing this practice certainly can do is give you a glimpse of what your skin can look like in a more natural state. By the end of the second day, you’ll have a good idea of how your skin tends to look and feel with nothing but your skincare regimen. The problem with the 5:2 skin diet, however, is that you shouldn’t stop there; rather than taking a break and then going right back to damaging your skin, consider how you can change your makeup practices to be less harmful in the first place.

Woman cleansing her face

If You Cleanse Nightly, You’re Already Taking a Break
One major flaw with the purpose of the 5:2 skin diet is that if you’re already cleansing your makeup at the end of the day (as you should be), you’re negating the need for this kind of “break” from makeup, because your skin’s already getting that every night. In that way, taking two days off from makeup is a little redundant.

Woman applying makeup.

Revamp Your Makeup
The 5:2 skin diet can be an excellent way of getting a good hard look at just how great your skin can be if you don’t damage it with makeup every day. We recommend trying the 5:2 skin diet for a few weeks to get a good sense of that, but consider it a transitionary period. Your ultimate goal should be to stop tearing up your skin in the first place, which means adopting more skin-friendly makeup practices you can use 7 days a week without damage.

Consider looking into mineral-based makeup, and be sure not to use more than you need. Multiple layers of heavy, greasy creams and drying powders can create a stunning look for the occasional night out when done tastefully, but that sort of practice shouldn’t be a standby. Cut back on your day-to-day makeup routine by using products that combine multiple steps in one, such as foundation with non-greasy build in concealer. Use light, gentle makeup, and only use what you need.


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