Decorating your Home for Fall

Pumpkins and fall decor on a table

Autumn is here! Actually, it’s been here for awhile, and it’s going to be here for awhile yet. If you haven’t already changed up your wardrobe to fall colors and styles, you may want to get to that now! But more than that, what about changing up your décor? As it happens, fall is a great time to change up your interior decorating and make your home a comfortable, cozy place to kick back and relax. You can play with fall colors and themes to find something that works for you and is clearly inspired by this beautiful season and all of the changes it brings, and we’re going to show you how.

Color Appropriately
One of the most obvious and easiest ways to bring the charm of autumn into your home is to use thematic colors. Red, orange, and yellow are the name of the game here. Pillows, flowers, rugs and other miscellany in these iconic colors are sure to grant a lovely autumnal glow to your favorite rooms. Wicker chairs with orange drapes, white-cushion couches with orange pillows, a vase of branches with yellow-orange leaves, yellow, orange, or red marigolds, or pumpkins and other gourds used as decorations all serve this function marvelously.


Get Creative
If you’re the crafty type, there are lots of fun ways to create your own decorations and accessories to liven up your place this fall.

For a new spin on putting out pumpkins as decorations, grab some medium to large, round white pumpkins and gather a bunch of fall-colored leaves from the ground outside, and consider mixing some green in as well—fern fronds make a great green option to contrast. Once you have your gourds and foliage, grab a bottle of decoupage and plaster them artfully into a truly unique and conversation-starting décor item. For a stunning effect, consider arranging the leaves so they radiate out from the center of the pumpkin, don’t paste them too closely together, and leave halt to two-thirds of the pumpkin bare to create visual interest.

You can also, of course, paint the pumpkins. Go for simple designs that only use one color of paint. Paint white zigzags all over an orange pumpkin (or orange zigzags on a white pumpkin), color half of a white pumpkin pale green, or do a thick black zigzag across the middle of any color pumpkin, just for a few ideas. Let your imagination run wild here!


Cozy Up
To make your house look warmer and more inviting, while simultaneously letting you keep yourself warm more easily, keep stacks of blankets and quilts all over the house, so that there’s always one within easy reach. This creates a warmer ambiance, and also lets you bundle up without having to go far; perfect if you’re lounging and getting chilly.

Color coordinate the piles of blankets and quilts with your general theme. If you’re following our suggestion of appropriate fall-themed color, then obviously go for reds and oranges, maybe even some deep golds. That said, you may also want to just opt for neutral options like gray and off-white, which are sure not to clash with anything.


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