Is Canned Wine Happening Now?

If the thought of wine conjures to mind tall, smooth, colored glass bottles, corkscrews and the pop of the cork when it comes out, elegant, stemmed glass goblets, and the swirling of red, pink, or pale yellow liquid before taking a sip, you’re probably not alone. Bottled wine, and the pouring it into glass goblets, has been a time honored staple of the practice of drinking wine.

And to be sure, it’s certainly an elegant way to do things, but let’s be honest, it’s really not very convenient. It’s fine if you’re in the house (and don’t mind fiddling with a corkscrew and having glasses to wash later), but it’s not terribly conducive to travel. If you want to take wine with you on a camping trip, to a picnic, or any other number of places, needing bottles, corkscrews, and glasses, can be a big hindrance.

Woman drinking drink from a can

Enter Canned Wine
Drinking wine out of aluminum cans might not seem terribly classy, but that’s exactly what a variety of wine companies have been encouraging. A number of wineries, such as Underwood wines by Union Wine Co, have been packaging their finest wines in the same kind of tall aluminum cans you’d expect to see energy drinks or beer be housed in.

Lifestyle Options
Having your favorite wines in a can opens up a whole new world of possibilities for various lifestyle options, because suddenly, your wine is much easier to transport. Heading out for a skiing trip and want to be able to relax and unwind with some wine when you’re all done? Heading for a relaxing day at the beach? Going out for an evening picnic? Camping trip? Even backpacking deep into a mountain trail? Canned wine will easily allow you to take your wine with you without hassle.

Woman drinking red wine.

Quality and Taste
You might expect canned wine to taste cheap, unsatisfying, and not nearly as complex or tasty as bottled wine, but as it turns out, in many cases even the wine makers themselves can’t tell the difference between their canned wines and bottled wines in a blind taste test!

No Pretense
Besides convenience and facilitating options that conform to a variety of lifestyles, the other big aim of the concept of canned wine is to remove the pretense that surrounds drinking wine. The idea here is that there’s a lot of unnecessary pretense that is part of the typical wine drinking experience, but not actually needed to enjoy a tasty wine. Popping corks and swirling goblets is great if you like it (and you can easily still do the latter by pouring canned wine into a glass), but it can be irritating and feel forced and pointless if you just want to get right to the delicious wine you’ve been craving.


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