Are You in Need of a Makeunder?

Makeup is fun, there’s no denying it, and it’s useful, to boot. Trying different looks and styles, and experimenting with various shades of eyeshadow, trying out bold lip colors, playing with different liquid eyeliner designs, and so much more can be a blast, and it can help boost your confidence and get you looking great.

But if you regularly find yourself dissatisfied when you finish your makeup routine and thinking you might have put a little too much on, or if you find your skincare suffering because you’ve got a bit too many layers of makeup caked over your skin and are suffocating it, it might be time for you to consider a makeunder.

Woman with natural makeup

Makeunder You Say?
You may be wondering what, exactly, a makeunder is. Well, as the name hints at, it’s somewhat the opposite of a makeover, though with the same end goal of revamping your routine and making you look and feel stunning. To to put it bluntly, a makeunder generally means taking a crash course in the “less is more” philosophy and learning to love your natural skin, and rock a simpler, less intensive and more naturally radiant look.

See, while makeup absolutely can help you look younger, as we just discussed on another blog, if you do it wrong (especially if you use way too much) it can have exactly the opposite effect. Excess makeup gives your skin a dull, caked-on appearance, exactly the thing you want to avoid! Instead, it’s important to have a bit more confidence in your natural glow, and to learn how to use minimalist techniques to accentuate and bring it out while gently subverting attention away from problem areas.

Awesome, So What Do I Do First?
First off, throw away any makeup more than a year old. Makeup, like food, does go bad with time, and while it might not be dangerous to use, they do dull as time goes on, so it’s a necessary—if painful—step to throw away the older stuff that will appear more cake-ey and unflattering on your skin.

You’ll also wan to—if not outright toss them—at least set aside the heavy eyeliner, bold lip and eye tones, and other “over the top” choices for special occasions. Additionally, eliminate unnecessary items like tinted powder; generally, your foundation has enough color, and any more will make your face look over-saturated, so ditch the powder or swap it for a colorless, translucent version if you love the fixative properties.

Woman with peach lips.

Okay, Done, Now What Makeup Do I Use?
It’s best to go for colors that range from natural to bright, but not over-the-top. Rose and peach tones for lipstick and blush give you a good amount of “pop” without looking excessive or too unnatural, and are superior to neutrals, because neutrals have a tendency to wash out the rest of the face. In general, opt for liquid or cream versions of anything you can over the powder equivalents (this includes eyeshadow, which does come in cream form). Powder increases the dull, caked-on look that can age you more than you realize.

Finally, be yourself! Rock your own personal style with pride, just be sure to avoid the pitfalls we’ve mentioned above and don’t go overboard when you don’t need to.


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