Makeup Tips to Look Younger

There are a lot of reasons people put on makeup. It can be for self-confidence, to wow your date, to look sharp for work or an interview, or just because you feel like it. But one thing a lot of us use makeup for is to try and look younger. Makeup is particularly effective at minimizing the areas of your face you don’t want others to notice, and drawing attention to and accentuating those you do, which makes it just perfect for anti-aging effects, because you can do your best to hide things like wrinkles and age spots while playing up your best features to ultimately reach the goal of shaving some years off of your look.

Vine Vera is all for looking your best, which is why, today, we’re going over a few ways you can revamp your makeup routine to make yourself look younger.

Woman moisturizing face.

At first glance, that might look like a skin care tip, that has nothing to do with makeup, but skin care and makeup are closely connected; in a nutshell, if you don’t take good care of your skin, makeup won’t look as good on it.

Woman applying concealer

Use Liquid Concealer
It’s fairly well known that normal concealer tends to draw more attention to deep lines than it actually helps conceal them, meaning it can do more harm than good, especially when applied excessively. That said, not all is lost in the realm of concealer, you just have to look for it in a different format. Liquid concealer, especially if you can find it in pen form, is especially useful at filling in and hiding lines instead of drawing attention to them.

Woman using foundation.

Try Foundation on the Yellow Side
This might sound odd, but trust us, when you get your next bottle of foundation, find something that’s close to your skin tone, but just a tad more yellow (note: this applies to all skin tones and ethnicities; you’ll benefit from finding a foundation that’s basically like your skin tone, but with just a hint of yellow). Why? Because yellow will make your skin look warmer, and in doing so, make it appear younger.

Use Translucent Powder
You might be used to using a tinted powder on top of your foundation and concealer to keep it in place and add a bit more color, but it turns out that while the fixative properties of powder are definitely useful to keeping your makeup in place, you don’t actually need the “tinted” half of the equation. In fact, using tinted powder on top of liquid foundation tends to over-saturate the color, making your face look unnatural, so swap out that colored powder for a translucent version.

Woman curling eyelashes.

Curl Those Eyelashes
Mascara is all well and good, but what really makes your lashes stand out is that tool that’s probably been sitting unused in your makeup bag for far too long. As you age, especially, this step becomes more important, because your lashes flatten with age, so curl them every day to easily shave some years off. Feel free to use mascara in addition to curling, by the way, just don’t act like it’s a substitute, because it’s not.


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