Makeup Ideas for a Night Out

Having a night out with friends can be a lot of fun, and half the fun is often comparing how gorgeous everyone looks after you’ve all prepped. It’s no trivial task to get to that state of gorgeousness you try to achieve before heading out, though, and besides, don’t you get bored of the same old looks for every single outing? If you’re itching to mix things up for your next big outing and sport a bold new look you’ve never done before, you’re in luck. Vine Vera’s got a neat little list here of a handful of fun and flirty makeup ideas you’re sure to love. Try them on yourself, or even better, pick one to do to a friend, and let them make you up in return!

Reflective eyelids.

Reflective Eyelids
You can do this trick on bare eyelids for a simple look that’s as no-fuss as it is surprisingly glamorous, or—even better—you can do it on top of eyeshadow to give your eyes a stunning gleam; everyone will be sure to actually notice and comment on your lovingly applied eyeshadow now!

To get reflective eyelids, you can find actual eye gloss for the purpose, but you can also just use some clear, nonstick lip balm, and it should work just as well. Pair this look with some lip balm that matches your eyeshadow for a really bold, slick look that’s sure to turn heads.

Faux lashes.

Faux Lashes to Die For
Who says faux lashes have to be tacky? When done properly, they can be as undetectable as they are gorgeous. The trick here—and where most people slip up—is to trim the faux lashes to line up perfectly with your eyelid. If this is challenging, you can cut them in half and line up each half separately, or—even better, get a pack of individual faux eyelash clusters to make it easier on yourself. Finally, avoid way too dramatic and obviously fake lashes; stay away from way too long or way too spiky ones.

Glitter shadow.

Careful Use of Glitter Shadow
You might be used to thinking of glitter makeup as over-the-top and tacky, but it can be done well, when applied strategically and in moderation. Just pick a glitter color that coordinates well with your overall look, and fall back to a pale silver if you’re unsure. Once you have your glitter, gingerly get some on your pinky and rub a small amount onto the center of your eyelid. Done right, you’ll have just enough glitter to dazzle and catch interest, but not so much that it looks tacky.

Classic winged eyeliner.

Classic Wings
This list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include the classic winged eyeliner look. To make a wing, you simply trace over your upper lash line, but don’t stop when you get to the outside corner. Instead, keep going, and carefully flare the line upward and fill it in a little to make a “wing,” and repeat on the other side, trying to get they symmetrical. This one can be rather tricky to get right, but we recommend using a broad-point felt-tipped eyeliner pen over liquid eyeliner. Alternately, you can use liquid eyeliner, but correct mistakes with a Q-tip dabbed in makeup remover, rather than erasing everything and starting over every time you mess up.


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