Girls’ Night Out Ideas

Friends are an important part of life, and spending quality time with friends is an important part of having friends. It’s through shared activities and time together that people grow close and deepen bonds with each other in meaningful ways.

With that in mind, what’s the perfect way to spend quality time with all your favorite friends? If you answered “girls’ night out,” this article’s for you. Read on for some of Vine Vera’s best tips on what to do for your next girls’ night out.

Friends having dinner

Go Out for a Nice Dinner
Who says nice dinners have to be reserved for dates? And for that matter, who says a girls’ night out has to mean clubbing all night? There’s nothing wrong with going to a club, of course, but if you’re looking to try something different, and maybe a little more refined, hitting up a fancy restaurant and ordering whatever sounds the tastiest. Sip some nice wine and enjoy a delicious meal in the company of friends. We think you’ll enjoy the ability to, you know, actually talk to each other and not have your voices completely drowned out by loudly pulsing music.

Feeling adventurous? Intentionally order something that you’ve never had before and have no idea what it even is and savor the anticipation and the surprise.

Woman applying makeup.

Try Some Fun Makeup Tutorials
More of a tip on how to prepare for a girls’ night out, but if you want to make the night out more fun and interesting (and simultaneously have some good fun while getting ready) take turns trying out makeup tutorials from the Internet which you’ve never done before. Don’t leave the house until you all look gorgeous!


Try Something New
Drinking too much and dancing at clubs is all well and good, but if you ever get tired of doing the same old thing every time you go out with friends, consider this: make a list of a bunch of out-there, uncommon activities (think things like indoor skydiving, snorkeling, checking out one of those giant indoor trampoline places, etc.) and then cross everything off the list if at least one of you has done it before. Now pick from the remaining list, and you’ll be in for a (hopefully fun) mutual surprise!

Wine tasting.

Wine Tasting Party
Who says it has to be a girls’ night out every time? Going out is great, and we highly encourage it, but sometimes it’s just as much fun—if not more—to stay in for a change. One particular fun thing to do while staying in is to get a collection of quality wines and taste them all with your friends! Be sure to make some yummy snacks to pair with the wines.

Two women watching a movie.

Movie Night
Finally, one more idea for if you decide to stay in. Have a old fashioned movie night! Decide on a collection of movies you’ll all enjoy (do get several; you’ll doubtless be having so much fun after the first you’ll want to do a marathon). Pop some popcorn and pour some wine, and have a great time chatting and watching.


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