Unusual Color Pairings that Are Gorgeous

Playing around with interesting colors when it comes to fashion is always fun and exciting, but its all to easy to fall into habits and to get stuck in a rut of “playing it safe,” either because you think there are only so many color combinations that will actually work and look good, and you already know the ones that do, or simply because—while you know experimenting can yield gorgeous results when you least expect it— you’re afraid you won’t find them, and would rather stick to what you know than risk messing up.

Lucky for you, Vine Vera decided it would be a fun and interesting idea to show you a few of our favorite unusual, underused color combos that turn out to be lovely, and how you can pull them off and make them work for you.


Blue and Black
We’ll start off with a relatively tame combo that is probably a bit more well-known and used than the others on this list, yet still a bit unusual and hard to find in the average person’s wardrobe.

Blue and black combinations are moody and intense. Simultaneously dark and vibrant, this bold combination works best with bright, vivid royal or neon blues. Black leather works especially well with blue and black outfits, so try black leather belts, fitted black leather jackets, black leather handbags, or even black leather heels with your blue and black ensemble. Throwing a vivid blue scarf with a black wool coat, slipping into a striped black-and-blue dress, or wearing a black jacket over a solid blue button-up are just a few ways to play with this combo.


Pink and Maroon
Simultaneously sophisticated and romantic, pink and maroon pairings are soft yet bold, flirty yet chic, dainty yet edgy. This color combo looks great when you layer a bold maroon piece over an otherwise pink outfit. A maroon overcoat over a pink dress is a prime example of this idea, but you can mess around and try different styles.



Yellow and Gray
Modern, fun, and unexpected all at the same time, yellow and gray combinations are prettier than you might think. This combo looks best when you select the brightest, boldest yellows (think banana yellow, neon yellow, and lemon shades) and pair them with exciting, silvery grays. You can mix a little bit of neutral brown into yellow and gray outfits, but keep it minimal so it’s clear which colors are the focus. This combination can with with something as simple as gray jeans and a solid-color yellow tee, all the way up to incredibly modern looks like a yellow pleated skirt with a silvery-gray rain jacket.



Orange and Green or Green and Purple
We’re lumping these two different combinations together because, while different, they follow similar principles in terms of how they work and the feel they create. Both orange and purple, when paired with green, create a stark contrast of down-to-earth yet simultaneously colorful and exciting. Either of these combos look great on a wide variety of outfits. If you want to invoke the feel of the seasons with these combos, green and purple is great for spring, reminiscent of the flowers and lush greenery common for the season, and green and orange is great for fall, particularly the onset of it, as deciduous trees’ green boughs become dappled with oranges, reds, and yellows.


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