Skirt and Sweater Combos for Fall

The skirt and sweater combo is a great multi-tasking outfit choice for a variety of seasons. Really the only time it won’t work, depending on your area and climate, is during the heat of the summer, when a sweater would be a bit much. For spring and fall, a lighter sweater and bare legs under the skirt strike a perfect balance for keeping cool without freezing over, and for the bitter cold of the winter months (and possibly the tail-end of autumn, again depending on your home area’s climate), a thicker sweater—or a thick shirt under a thick sweater if necessary—with tights or thick, warm leggings under your skirt can keep you both warm and fashionable.

And the best part is that the sweater and skirt combo has so, so many possible pairings to keep it fresh and fun, so you can reuse the same basic combo again and again without it getting old. And with fall right around the corner, Vine Vera wanted to help you get started thinking about your options with a few inspirational skirt and sweater ideas of our own.


Cowl-Neck and Circle Skirt
This might sound like an odd combo at first, but once you’ve got it on, you’re bound to love it. There are a few different ways to approach this one, but it looks best with a lot of texture. Choose a skirt that stops somewhere above the knee, which creates an interesting visual contrast between the shorter skirt and a big, billowy cowl neck sweater. For colder temps pair with over-the-knee boots to keep warm and stay on trend or if its still warm, we recommend a pair of cute t-strap heels or little booties.


Cropped Sweater, Button-Up and Fluted Skirt
Have some fun with layering on a a more mild autumn day when you can wear a skirt without leggings, and get a knee-length or longer fluted skirt and cropped sweater in matching colors, with a button-up shirt in a complimentary color (a white button-up with gray or black sweater+skirt can create an appealing contrast). The goal here is to go for a casual and slightly edgy yet put-together look. You’ll probably be tempted to tuck the button-up in, but don’t! It’ll look better out.


Patterned Sweatshirt with Solid Maxi Skirt
Wondering how to use that striped, plaid, or maybe even polka-dotted sweatshirt you bought on a whim and have never worn? Find a maxi skirt that matches at least one color in the pattern (for example, if your sweater is red and gray-striped, get a red or a gray skirt, etc.). This one is pretty warm even with bare legs, so it will serve you well towards the tail end of the season, especially since you can slap on some tights or leggings if necessary and wear this combo right into winter!


Have Fun with Matching
Here’s an idea that can work with a variety of styles and types of sweaters and skirts: get a skirt, sweater, and lipstick of the exact same color, and keep all other accessories or add ons else to neutral tones. You can really have fun here, because the color you chose to match could be anything; bright reds work nicely, but you can mix it up and try colors like blue or green (which will be especially bold choices for the lips).


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