Fall Fashion and Makeup Pairings

If you’re dealing with blistering heat, sweat and runny makeup, and long, sun-filled days and getting sick and tired of it, take heart, because fall is right around the corner! And if you’re not tired of it all and wish summer lasted longer…well, unfortunately, the seasons are going to change over soon anyway, and they’re not going to ask you if you mind first.

As such, it’s important to be prepared! Fall—or Autumn, as it’s often called—carries with it windy days, crisp, cool air, and a return to school for anyone who happens to be a student. Of course, that’s not all that comes with the changing over of the seasons! Changing seasons also means changing fashion! For one thing, when the temperature changes, so do the clothes you need to wear to be comfortable. For another thing, different colors and patterns are more thematically tied to certain seasons, and it can be really fun to play around with that. To help you get your bearings, Vine Vera decided to make a list of ideas for coordinating fall fashion and makeup.

Woman wearing boots.

Prepare your Feet and Eyes for the Weather
The first thing we need to talk about is how to prepare your fashions for the unpredictable autumnal weather that you’re likely to run into. Specifically, with the mix of mildly warm, sunny days, torrential downpours, and overcast, damp (but not stormy) days, it can be hard to decide what to wear that will hold up to whatever happens.

First off, rain boots can absolutely be fashionable, and come in a variety of colors and styles to match every outfit. That said, if you don’t want to give up fashionable flats, get some rubber ballet flats. We do recommend using great caution with heels of any kind, though; slippery pavement and stilettos don’t mix well unless you enjoy falling on your face.

A simple idea for makeup pairing with the rubber boots or flats we just recommended to keep your toes dry is a bold, bright blue eyeshadow. Mimic the pale blue sky on a sunny day, or go for edgy and chick with deep blue-rimmed eyes.

Woman in a casual outfit and a no makeup look.

Casual yet Stylish Outfits and Simple, Neutral Makeup
Layering is going to become essential for staying warm as the days get cooler and cooler, so why not have fun with it? Try a maxi skirt with tights, or a shorter circle skirt with thick leggings for warmth, and top either choice with a stylish sweater to keep the cold away and keep looking good.

For makeup, keep it simple and go for the “no-makeup makeup” look, or add just the right amount of dramatic flair with smoky eyes, or gold or brown eyeshadow to spice things up a bit while keeping it earthy and simple.

Business woman in a business suit.

When You Want to Dress Up a Bit
If you have an office job and need to look professional, or want to look sharp and elegant, yet down-to-earth, pencil skirts are a great way to go. For the office, look like a put-together business woman with your standard women’s suit top. For going out on a Friday night, top the pencil skirt off with an earthy colored, feminine-cut leather jacket. Pair with bold lip colors like cherry red or neons that contrast with an otherwise minimalist made-up face; just some foundation, concealer, and maybe a bit of mascara will do.


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