Make Your Sister Feel Special

Even if you fight occasionally, sisters can be some of the most amazing people in your life. A good sister supports you when you’re down or need help, has fun with you, shares advice, laughs, and cries with you. In short, a good sister is one of your best friends in life, maybe the best friend in your life

And guess what? National Sister Day is coming up! This Saturday, the third, is marked as a day to appreciate, thank, and just generally pay attention to your lovely sister or sisters, so don’t miss it! It’s not a terribly well-known holiday, but that can actually work in your favor! If she doesn’t know when Sister Day is, she’ll be pleasantly surprised when you wish her a happy one, and she’ll likely consider it very sweet of you to think of her.. In light of this, Vine Vera decided to help you out and give you a bunch of ways you can make your Sister feel special this weekend.

Sisters in a spa.

Treat Her to a Spa Day
Spa days are relaxing, refreshing, and invigorating affairs that your sister will be sure to love, and even more so if you come with her! Surprise her with a gift certificate that will pay for you both to get whatever kind of treatment you think she’ll enjoy most, and go have fun.

Sisters feeding each other.

Bring Her Some of Her Favorite Food and Sweets
It’s not only awesome to get a tasty meal or bag full of candy you love, it’s really heartwarming to know someone actually remembered your favorites. If your sister has a favorite meal from a certain restaurant, get it to go and bring it to her! You can also Get candy or even some of her favorite snack foods. We guarantee she’ll be touched you thought of her and remembered what she liked.

Brothers and sister in a movie.

Take Her Somewhere Nostalgic
Is there a park you and your sister used to play in all the time? Maybe an old movie theater you were constantly going to as kids? Whatever the case, try to think of someplace you can take her that’s nostalgic and makes her think of all the good times you’ve had together.

Sisters having fun

Be Nice to Her
Not that you aren’t already, of course, but this weekend, try to make it a point to take her shopping, express to her how much you care about her, and how much you’ve both been through over the years. She’ll be happy to hear how much she means to you, and you can both have a blast recounting old stories from your youth.

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