Next Level Fashion Tips

Looking good is a goal for many of us, and an admirable one at that! Looking good is about so much more than simple vanity; it’s about boosting your confidence, making you feel more yourself and making an impression on others. It’s about self-expression and owning your style, about making you look and feel amazing.

With that in mind, Vine Vera wants to help you take your fashion to the next level. We’re about to give you some solid tips that will elevate your style and inspire you to take them and run with them, make them your own, and flaunt your gorgeous new look.

Fashionable woman wearing a white dress.

Complement Your Body Figure
This one is important, and yet a lot of people don’t pay attention to it. Everyone’s body is a little different; we all come in various shapes and sizes, and to ignore that fact when clothes shopping is to do yourself a great disservice. Different cuts look best on different kinds of bodies, as do different prints and designs. A few examples: if you’re tall and slender, horizontal stripes will look just fine on you, and will minimize the visual impact of your height. If you’re shorter or rounder, vertical stripes might be a better option. If you have a belly you want to hide, avoid tops and dresses with gatherings.

Woman wearing a floral dress

Define Your Personal Style
Having a style unique to you, that makes you feel good about yourself and enjoy the way you look, is quintessential. Looking great to others, yet feeling uncomfortable because you’re not being true to yourself, is no fun at all and makes fashion a dry, boring affair. Play around with colors, prints, and outfit choices until you find a look that feels perfect to you.

Woman thinking what to wear

Build a Foundation
There are a few things every wardrobe should have, because you need the basics to build on when it comes to assembling outfits. It’s a good idea to have at least ten tops, ten bottoms, and five coats or cardigans, as a bare minimum. Make sure they’re a mix of cool and warm so that you’re ready for any weather, and get plenty of accessories like belts, purses, sunglasses, and jewelry to complement them. Exactly what you have in the wardrobe will of course depend on your own unique sense of style, but make sure you have enough to assemble a wide array of unique outfits, and make sure you have plenty of “multi-taskers” that can be used in lots of different outfit combinations (blue jeans are an excellent example, and are basically the ultimate multi-tasker).

These tips may seem pretty simple—and they are—but the point is that ultimately, your fashion is up to you. Fashion trends are all well and good, but following your own tastes and what you love to wear is generally the best you can do. So lay the foundation with the above tips, and build on your own from there. You’ll be rocking your new best look in no time!


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