Change Your Eye Care Routine Now

Just about everything can benefit from a change now and then, and your eye care routine is no exception. It’s quite possible you’re doing a lot right, but you might also be surprised to find all the things you could be doing wrong at the moment, or important things you’re not doing at all that you should be. To help you get the most out of your eye care routine, Vine Vera decided to make a list of things you might be doing wrong, and advice for how to do them right, so you can change your eye care routine—for the better—now!

Business woman rubbing her eyes

Don’t Touch!
Everyone does this; say you’ve got something in your eye and you’re trying to get it out, so you touch the surface of your eye carefully to attempt to remove it, or you’re tired, and your eyes are itchy, so you close them and rub hard over the eyelids with your fingers to alleviate the feeling. Thing is, touching your eye—even touching the eyelid when they’re closed—is dangerous. You can actually rupture blood vessels by rubbing your eyes too hard, and you can do more harm than good when you try to remove debris with your finger, because oils and other particulate matter on your skin can get into your eye and just make the irritation worse.

Instead, if your eye itches, close it and rub around the eye (though to be careful not to smudge your makeup). It’s not quite the same, but it can still help, and doesn’t risk damaging the eye. Also, when you have something stuck in your eye, if it’s not too terribly painful, just look down and wait. Your eye should tear up naturally, and the tears should wash whatever it is away. If they don’t, you can carefully wash your eyes out with eye drops or clean water.

Woman applying an eyeliner.

Keep that Eyeliner Where it Belongs
Some beauty experts recommend putting eyeliner on your “waterline,” which means inside the eyelashes. While there’s no doubt this can look pretty good, it’s definitely not recommended; we hate to tell you not to follow a useful beauty tip, but the fact of the matter is that it’s more risk than it’s worth. Putting eyeliner on the inside line of your eyelashes means it will mix with tears and spread contaminants (particles of the eyeliner) into your eye. This is a bad idea no matter what, as it can cause irritation and possibly infection, if the eyeliner contains contagions (which makeup sometimes does), and if you have contacts, this is especially problematic, because you can wind up coating your contacts with eyeshadow, clouding your vision, and possibly ruining those expensive contacts.

Woman applying eye cream

Make Sure Antioxidants are in Your Routine Somewhere
This is a pretty good piece of advice in general for all of your skin, but do be sure you’re using products on the skin that immediately surrounds your eye every day. This will help slow down the ageing process, which is especially important for areas like eyelids and under-eye skin, both of which can be some of the first things to sag later in life. Keep them firm and youthful by fighting off cell-destroying free radicals with potent antioxidants. Vine Vera’s eye collection, imbued with a heaping helping of the antioxidant resveratrol, is an excellent choice for this.


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