Have You Been Treating Your Blemishes Right

Blemishes are a stubborn enemy when it comes to the fight for flawless skin; they seem like permanent marks on the surface of the skin; stains that won’t disappear no matter how much you try. Most other problems have relatively easy and understandable solutions: dull, dead bits of skin stuck to the face? Exfoliate! Dry, cracking, or otherwise parched skin? Moisturize and hydrate! Face too greasy? Cleanse! Pimples or acne? Wash with salicylic acid-containing products! But blemishes? It’s a bit more complicated, and all too often, you might simply resort to covering them with makeup (which is fine, and works as a quick fix, but it doesn’t address the root of the issue).

But never fear, blemishes can be removed with time and effort! They’re one of the more difficult skin care and beauty-related roadblocks, but they’re not insurmountable. As always, Vine Vera is here to helps with all your skin care-related beauty needs, and skin blemishes are no exception. Read on to see how it’s done.

Woman washing her face.

Have Proper Prevention Habits
Can you guess what’s even better than removing blemishes? Preventing them from ever happening in the first place! Blemishes—imperfections such as acne marks, dark spots, and pigmentation marks—are as preventable as they are removable. First thing’s first, practice good hygiene and cleanse daily to avoid acne. If any pimples do happen to sprout up, resist the urge to pop them at all costs! Also resist the urge to manually extract blackheads, as both of these practices can lead to acne marks, a kind of blemish that can be a huge hassle to remove. Also, wear broad spectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen every day to avoid sunspot-type blemishes!

Woman ice compressing her skin to get rid of a zit.

Ice Compressing
A rather weird but surprisingly effective trick for blemishes is to take a large piece of ice, wrap it in a washcloth, and firmly press it against a blemish for about five minutes. This is most effective on new blemishes, as it reduces inflammation and makes the new blemish less likely to “stick.”

Woman holding a melon

Vitamin C
Besides being all-around fantastic for your health and skin care in a number of ways, vitamin C is great at evening out skin tone and removing blemishes. Just use a Vitamin C-containing facial moisturizer every day and you should start to see results after a few weeks.

Woman applying a lotion.

Calamine Lotion
For older, more established blemishes that have been around for awhile and more than outstayed their welcome, use a combination of daily vitamin C application over the entire face, and rubbing calamine lotion directly onto the blemishes. Calamine lotion has a way of absorbing extra oil, which can pull out pigments causing the blemish too.

Woman looking at herself in the mirror.

Combined Treatment
All these methods each help in their own way, but they’re more effective when used in tandem with each other! Practice proper prevention techniques always, to prevent new blemishes from forming. If a new blemish does pop up, use the ice trick to reduce it’s appearance, and go ahead and use a combination of vitamin C daily (even when your face is clear of blemishes, as it will also help with prevention) along with calamine lotion applied directly to the more stubborn blemishes, and you should have clean, clear skin in no time! Just keep up the preventative measure even after your blemishes are gone, so you don’t get new ones.


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