Citrus to Spice up Your Wardrobe

The citrus family of fruits is diverse and remarkable in a number of ways. There are a wide variety of citrus fruits, with unique tastes, textures, and refreshing, tangy, invigorating smells that are perfect for aromatherapy. To sweeten the deal, they’re chock-full of the essential nutrient vitamin C, which carries a host of benefits for your skin, your whole body, and general health; everything from giving you softer skin to protecting your skin and hair from damage, and from decreasing your chances of contracting diseases like cancer and heart disease to boosting your immune system.

But we’ll bet there’s one fantastic thing about citrus fruit you may not have thought of before, and that is finding inspiration in the bold, vibrant palette of colors that citrus fruits come in, and using them to brighten up your wardrobe. From bright, fun lime green to classy grapefruit red, there’s more than a few ideas you can glean from observing citrus fruits when it comes to fashion.

Citrus to Spice up Your Wardrobe

Spice Up a Bland Outfit with a Lime Green Accent Purse
To create a stark contrast and add interest to your overall look, try dressing in all neutrals (white and gray work especially well for this look) and carry a large, lime green purse. To keep the contrast grounded and prevent the starkness from being so pronounced that things clash with each other, keep both the outfit and the purse pretty simple. This one works great with summer outfits, as you can try simple but fun ideas like a white tee or blouse and gray shorts, with a green tote. Variation possibilities on this idea include going for another eye-popping citrus color like orange or red for the tote, or instead making the purse neutral too, and adding that color accent in a different way, perhaps with a hair accessory or statement necklace.

Pair A Patterned Ruby Sweater with Matching Bag
For a fun way to tie a theme together in your outfit, get a sweater with an eye-catching pattern like horizontal stripes, argyle, or even polka-dot, with a mix of neutral colors and a ruby-red grapefruit element, and then grab a tote bag in the same ruby-red color as the sweater. Depending on your skin tone, this idea could also look pretty good in lemony yellow and neutrals, for a possible variation.

Pair a Citrus Necklace with Matching Heels
For a fun idea that can work with a lot of outfits, pick your favorite citrus color (there are so many to chose from, lime green, blood orange, regular orange, lemony yellow, cumquat, hell, a yellowish off-white is technically a citrus color, considering white grapefruits exist) and grab a chunky necklace and matching heels or pumps in the same color. You can take this one step further by adding a matching belt, bracelet, and/or earrings. The possibilities are as fun as they are endless!


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