How Vitamin C Helps Hair – Vine Vera Reviews

Good hair is an important part of looking your best, as you’ve no doubt noticed and agonized over the fact that tangled, dry, splitting, or frizzy hair detracts from your overall appearance. Sadly, hair can be frustratingly difficult to care for at times, stubbornly retaining irritating issues regardless of how many products and techniques you try, and as such, you might be tempted to simply accept frizz, dryness, unruly behavior, or damage as a fact of life, and learn to live with it through a combination of resignation and quick fixes.

Fortunately for you, though, you don’t necessarily have to. As it turns out, the same multitasking miracle ingredient for skin care and general health and well-being also plays a seriously helpful role in keeping your hair glowing and healthy. That’s right: Vitamin C is as quintessential to hair-care as it is skin care. In light of this, Vine Vera decided it would be prudent to explain how and why vitamin C is so important for good hair, and how you can make it work for you.

Woman with beautiful hair having an orange.

Hair Growth and Damage Prevention
Consuming Vitamin C, whether through supplements, diet, or both (it’s recommended you take 500 mg daily for maximum benefit) can actually increase the amount of hair growth you’re able to achieve, in addition to — or more accurately, because of — the fact that vitamin C prevents free radicals (produced when your body metabolizes food) from damaging hair as it grows, meaning that while you have high blood levels of vitamin C, the new hair that comes out of your follicles will be stronger and less prone to breaking from the beginning. This will ensure that it is capable of reaching much greater lengths, since it will be far less likely to break before reaching its full potential.

Woman suffering from hair loss

Hair Loss and Thinning Prevention
Higher blood levels of vitamin C also prevents long-term hair loss and thinning. Vitamin C helps keep adrenal glands from getting fatigued, and adrenal gland fatigue is a major factor in hair loss with age. Vitamin C also helps regulate blood flow and strengthen and repair blood vessels, which—when concerning blood flow in the scalp specifically—results in thicker and stronger hair.

Woman discovering that she has gray hair

Prevents Graying
Yes, you read that right. In addition to all the other amazing hair-related benefits of vitamin C, it also happens to keep your hair from going gray! Vitamin C slows the aging process in the body as a whole, and of course, part of that process is going gray, so it stands to reason that this amazingly versatile vitamin would prevent that as well.

What Are You Waiting for?
Now that you’re aware of the benefits vitamin C holds for your luscious locks (and don’t forget that it’s beneficial for your health in general too!), you should be doing two things. first off, make sure you consume lots of vitamin C every day. You can use a supplement to achieve this, but eat as much vitamin C-rich foods — like citrus fruit and dark, leafy greens — as you can in addition to this.

Secondly, look for hair care products which contain vitamin C as an ingredient! After all, if it’s so beneficial to both your health and beauty when ingested, what do you think it can accomplish when applied to a targeted area like your hair?


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