Only Five Suits a Man Needs – Vine Vera Reviews

There’s nothing quite like a sharp-dressed man, which is something every aspiring well-dressed, good-looking guy should keep in mind. And what’s sharper than a fitted, sleek suit and tie? If you can get a good suit and tie in your size and have it fitted to your frame, it can be truly magnificent item, ready to transform you almost instantaneously into a pillar of confidence and strength.

But what happens when you end up with way too many suits in your wardrobe? It’s all too easy to end up with a way-too-crammed closet and a dozen different suits that you never wear because you forget you even own them. Vine Vera knows this is quite the conundrum, so we present you with a list of the only five suits you’ll ever need to own. Get your hands on one each of these and you’ll be set for just about every occasion, with space to spare in the closet.

Only Five Suits a Man Needs

Navy Wool Suit
This is the one you’ll probably be wearing more often than any other, so make sure you select it carefully. Navy is a color that pretty much looks good on everyone, regardless of skin tone, and a wool suit like this can be worn all year round, with incredible versatility in terms of where it’s appropriate to wear. It’s casual enough to wear to low-key get-togethers without being over-dressed, nice enough to impress your date on an evening out, and professional enough to wear to interviews or the office. To ensure that you can indeed wear this thing all year round, get one made of a light, breathable wool. Wear it alone in the warmer seasons, or pair it with a nice overcoat for winter.

Double-Breasted Suit
There’s nothing that says “power and confidence” like a double-breasted suit. This one’s particularly well-suited to situations where you’re expected to play the role of a powerful, competent figure, so if you have a management position (or if you want to have one, and want to give the impression you’re capable), or if you’re headed to a formal social outing, this is the suit to wear. The color on this one can be dictated by your personal taste and style. Don’t bother trying to find a light or breathable double-breasted suit; just plan on wearing this one when it’s chilly out.

Gray Flannel Suit
This suit is another fairly versatile number. It has a rebellious edge, but it still professional enough for the office. Like your navy wool suit, get this one as light and breathable as you can, and it’ll serve you well all year long.

Khaki Cotton Suit
This one’s specifically for warmer weather. Cotton suits tend to be very light and airy, so you won’t boil inside this piece in the middle of summer. You can wear it out if you like, but this one will get most of its wear in professional settings, so it’s a must-have if you work in an office or need to represent a company and appear responsible and on top of things.

You might think of a tux as something that is rented, not bought, and that might hold true for most guys, but think about it; if you make the investment in owning one, you’ll be ready to be the best, sharpest dressed man at every formal occasion. This is another one you can get in whatever color you like, but think carefully; tuxedos are expensive, so you want something you won’t regret getting later. Black and midnight blue are solid choices, but go crazy and get something a bit different or bold if you really want to. After all, if you’re going to spend this much money on something, you’d better really like it.


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