Men’s Guide to Summer Style – Vine Vera Reviews

Summer is a great time for every guy to flaunt his favorite styles in the freedom that comes with warmer weather. Summer is a great time for all kinds of social outings from the pool to the beach to an afternoon barbecue in the backyard. Plus, summer nights are fantastic for romantic dates, whether you’re single and looking, or want to keep the romance alive with your special someone.

So men, if you’re at all interested in dressing well and showing the world how sharp, classy and dependable you are,listen up, because Vine Vera is about to give you some killer fashion tips to stay in style and turn some heads this summer season.

Guy wearing a polo shirt and jeans.

Get it Fitted
Baggy and loose can work with some style directions, but if you’ve taken an interest in dressing well and want to flaunt a sharper style, ill-fitting clothes just won’t do. You’ll want some versatile items, like a polo shirt and flat-front shorts, that actually fit your frame. Whether you get them altered at a tailor or are just really good or really lucky (or, if we’re being honest, probably a little of both) at finding the perfect fit for you at the store, make sure it hangs just right on your frame before you wear it out for all to see.

For polos, you want the seam of the sleeve to fall right at the outer edge of your shoulder. The body of the shirt should be just tight enough to give a hint at a trim silhouette, but not tight enough to hug your body overmuch. The tail should fall just about halfway down the crotch of your pants; if it covers the crotch seam completely, it will look over-sized and baggy, and if it’s at the top of the crotch, it will look way too small, even if it doesn’t show any midriff.

For shorts, get a pair that fits your waistline just right, and with legs that stop anywhere from right at the knees to a couple inches above them. The overall fit should be snug, but not form-fitting.

Man deciding on what to wear

Get it in Multiple Colors
Let’s face it: for men’s casual wear, there’s not a huge selection of options in terms of styles and types of garments available. Instead, today’s well-dressed man will have multiple sets of a handful of staples, in ever so slightly different styles and colors. You’d be amazed at the difference and impact that a dark green pair of shorts can have vs. a somewhat lighter verdant green. Even if everything else in the outfit is kept identical, changing up a single item for something with a different color, pattern, or design can make a huge difference as to the overall impression the outfit carries. As such, whenever you find an article of clothing you like and that fits you well, it’s a good idea to get a couple of them in different colors or patterns.

Man wearing a stylish linen shirt in his backyard.

Snag a Well-Fitting Linen Shirt
Casual summer style tends to err on the casual side of comfort vs. visual appeal, but if you want to look good without overdressing, there’s nothing like a quality linen shirt that lets you be classy even when you’re dressed casually. Like everything else, get a few in different colors to add even more versatility to your wardrobe. Also, just keep in mind that linen wrinkles easily, but that’s kind of part of the style; you only need to bother with ironing if you’ve got stiffly-creased wrinkles that won’t come out otherwise.


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