Protect Your Hair This Summer – Vine Vera Reviews

Summer certainly brings with it a lot of fun and relaxation, but it also brings many health and beauty problems and annoyances. Vine Vera has discussed this in depth when it comes to skin care, but what about other attributes that need protecting and nourishing in this admittedly rather trying season? Specifically, what about hair?

Vine Vera knows that your hair can take a beating from the ravages of the summer sun, and we’re here with solutions to some of the most common hair-related summer issues, so read on if you’ve ever felt the sun was unfairly bleaching, drying, dullness, breakage, or otherwise messing with your hair, and you’re sick and tired of it.

Woman wearing a large pink hat in a beach.

Unfortunately, sunlight has a tendency to bleach both dyed hair and natural hair. It doesn’t seem to matter whether the pigment in your luscious locks comes from your genes or from a box; the sun beats it into submission all the same. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun—which, as it happens, is also the cause of the vast majority of sun-related skin damage—can do just as much damage to your hair pigments as it can to you skin cells.

To combat this, you have a few options. While uncommon, you can find hair-care products like leave-in conditioner that have SPF, which will help against bleaching, or you can mix a dab of a physical sunblock (one made with minerals like aluminum or zinc) with leave-in conditioner, mousse, or anything else you use daily with your hair. Your other option, of course, is to simply limit the amount of sun exposure your hair sees daily. Stand in the shade when you can, and try wearing a wide-brimmed hat more often, which—luckily enough—coordinates well with a lot of fun summer fashions, and can be very versatile, especially if you get a few in different colors.

Woman shampooing her hair.

Oily Scalp
Just like oily skin on the rest of your body, oily skin on the top of your head—a.k.a. your scalp—becomes more of a problem in the heat of summer. The best way to combat this is simply to shampoo regularly. For a quick fix, use an astringent like witch hazel, applied sparingly with a cotton ball, right to the scalp.

Woman conditioning her hair

Extreme Frizz
Whether your area gets humid or arid summers, either one can contribute to frizz, because hot and humid environments can cause hair to swell up uncontrollably, which results in frizz, but too little humidity is a problem too, because it over-dries and damages your hair, which also contributes to frizz. To help fight back in the endless battle against frizz, try skipping shampoo sometimes and just rinsing and conditioning your hair. If you can’t do this because you have problems with oily scalp, as mentioned above, at least get a gentle, alcohol and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, and consider using a leave-in conditioner as well to further ward off frizz.

Woman wearing a swimming cap to protect her hair while swimming

Chlorine Damage
One of the best parts of summer, for some people, is fun in the pool. Swimming can be refreshing and enjoyable, but the chlorine in most swimming pools can wreak havoc on your precious locks. You can help fight this phenomenon by soaking your hair with pure water before you swim (if your hair is already wet, it won’t absorb as much of the chlorine laden water in the pool, since it’s already full of clean water), and be sure to wash, shampoo, and condition as soon as you’re done swimming, within a couple hours of getting out of the pool.


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