90s Trends That are Back – Vine Vera Reviews

The 90s was an interesting and somewhat eclectic time for fashion trends, and some of it is perhaps best left forgotten, but there’s a surprising amount that can still be relevant in your modern-day wardrobe, and a lot of 90s fashions are beginning to make a strong comeback, so next time you need inspiration for a new look, consider pulling out those old photo albums you haven’t looked at in ages for some inspiration.

Since it can be confusing to decipher which particular 90s trends are making a comeback or are worth trying to bring back, and which ones are just better left in the history books, Vine Vera thought it would be best to go over some of the resurfacing trends from that near-past era, and explain how each one can work for your style.

Woman wearing a choker on her neck.

Chokers were a staple fashion accessory in the 90s, and they’ve enjoyed some small popularity ever since, but they may just be making a significant resurgence now. They come in a variety of styles and colors to suit your fashion needs, from fairly simple, elegant cloth or lace chokers (some with beads or other embellishments) to dark and edgy spiked leather chokers to fun, elastic tattoo chokers. The neat things about this particular accessory are the sheer variety of types available, and the particular placement on the neck, and how it accentuates your other features.

Chokers are perfect if you want to draw attention to an attractive chin and jawline, and can add emphasis to a long and/or slender neck (although a long, slender neck is not required to wear a choker, so don’t despair if you don’t have one!). You should avoid chokers if you’re trying to downplay a double chin, but still keep them in mind for later, once you’ve worked on firming up that chin with exercises or learned how to hide it with makeup.

Fashionable woman with a leather backpack.

While backpacks are certainly alive and well today for schoolchildren and college students, because—if nothing else—they certainly do the job when you need to store piles of books, binders, and other essential school supplies, you might not be used to thinking of them as a fashion accessory; a nice alternative to a purse. But in the 90s, they certainly did serve that purpose for many, and it’s entirely possible for you to bring them into your own wardrobe today.

Like chokers, backpacks come in a huge array of colors and styles, from utilitarian to chic. If you really want to look classy, you can spring for a leather backpack, but more sporty ones can also look great if color-coordinated with your outfit.

Woman wearing a crop top holding a shopping. bag.

Crop Tops
Truly a clothing item that exemplified the era’s style in the 90’s, the crop top is surprisingly useful in modern fashions, and a lot can be done with it.

It may be intimidating to bare so much belly (although if you’re comfortable doing so, go ahead and rock it!), but the trick of the crop top’s versatility is that you don’t have to. Pairing crop tops with high waisted pants or skirts can create an attractive high waistline while still covering your belly, and a long-sleeved crop top paired with a high waisted bottom can even work in the winter! Pairing a brightly-colored midi skirt with a crop top can also be a fun idea to try, because even if you do show a bit of skin, it seems less brazen with a bright, voluminous skirt to draw the eyes.


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