How To Cover Up Sunburns With Makeup – Vine Vera Reviews

You know the drill, anytime you go out in the sun even if it’s for a little bit, slather yourself in creen to protect your skin. Sun damage in the form of sunburns, will leave you with dry leathery skin that is prone to premature aging, not to mention various types of skin cancer. Not a pretty picture. Yet, what happens if you do get a nasty burn? Can you cover it up with makeup? Absolutely you can. It’s a bad idea to get a sunburn in the first place, you should know better, but if you do you are going to want to cover it up effectively if you have a nice function to go to work or a special event. You don’t want to be the only beat red tomato face in a group of pictures that you know are going to go up on everyone’s Facebook account. Vine Vera Cosmetics presents a few tips to cover up sunburns on your face and body with various types of makeup.

Woman looking into the mirror.

Prep Your Skin
If you get a sunburn it’s important to hydrate skin with a healing lotion that contains aloe. Make sure you read the label to make sure that the product actually contains aloe as the first ingredient since many times lotions say they contain pure aloe, but they don’t. Having some Lidocaine present in the lotion will also help sooth skin by dulling the painful sting of sunburn. Layer it on before you get ready to cover up your burn with makeup. Wait a few minutes to allow a thick layer to soak in completely.

Cover Sunburns with Dermablend

Use a Full Coverage Makeup
The number one choice in makeup to cover up burns, scars or tattoos is Dermablend. This company has been producing their thick body makeup for years, and it’s by far the best out there to cover up any imperfections. Brides especially love it to cover dark tattoos anywhere on their body since it delivers total coverage. It’s a great one to try if you need to camouflage a bad sunburn. Their “Leg and Body Cover” is available at many high end department stores and Sephora usually carries it as well. Have a beauty advisor at one of the stores match you with the correct shade. They have tons of shades to choose from so you are guaranteed a very close match.

Closeup of a large foundation brush.

The best way to apply your body makeup smoothly is to use a large foundation brush. This way you can layer it on in thin coats to build up the coverage to full, totally covering your sunburn up. You wouldn’t paint your walls without a brush, so why should you do your face and body with anything but the right tools? When you use your fingers the products tends to get wiped away, and can appear streaky. You don’t want to use a sponge either since it tends to absorb and soak up a lot of the foundation causing a lot of product waste. The foundation brush is a must have tool in anyone’s cosmetic arsenal. You won’t ever want to go back to using anything else.

Translucent Loose Powder for covering sunburns.

Setting It For Longer Wear
To ensure lasting results you need to set your face, or body makeup with some translucent loose powder. The powder will keep your makeup on all day long until you go home at night and take it off with a gentle cleanser. Even if you only need a short wear time, don’t skip the setting step, or you run the risk of having your makeup get all over your clothes.


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