How to Dazzle Your House Guests – Vine Vera Reviews

Woman inviting guests into her home.

One of the most gratifying things in life is getting together with loved ones. We all love to entertain, and be entertained, however, how do we go about dazzling our house guests? Do we do it through decor? Do we do it through our cooking? To answer those questions, and more, one simple rule must be applied to all: It’s all in the details. Like most women seeking inspiration, we took to Pintrest to look for some of the most creative ideas to really wow your guests this year. Here are our top best ways to dazzle your house guests: Wine, wine glasses and starters beautifully decorated on a serving trolley. Make some room to entertain Of course, we all love to show off our decorating skills, but it’s important to give yourself some room to work with.  This idea of clearing off your decor, and turning it into a self-serve bar, is the perfect way to make your guests feel more at home. Personalized wine glasses for party guests. Get personal Thanks to Pintrest, chalkboard paint has proven to have many uses, and this next idea is not only unique, but also a warm welcome to your guests. This creative chalkboard paint idea comes from non-other than Rachel Ray herself, the queen of home entertaining. As she explains, searching for wine glass charms before parties can prove to be a major pain, and a last minute task most of us don’t have time for. Instead, you can opt for a chalkboard paint-dipped wine glasses. Your guests will never get their wine glasses confused with someone else’s again! Glittering donuts being served at a house party. Add a little shimmer where you can This next idea came in as everyone’s favorite, and it’s pretty easy to see why. A glistening recipe is not only the perfect touch to your table top decor, but it will be the one dessert your guests will remember forever! After all, who doesn’t love donuts? Edible flowers frozen inside ice cubes being served at a party. Small, delicate details are everything As with any party, dazzling your guests with small details can go a long way. Along with edible glitter, there’s also edible flowers, so why not place them into an ice-cube tray? This attention to detail will wow your guests, and even make a glass of water look stunning. Guests being served with fancy water at a party. Take something simple, and turn it into something glamorous. Rather than serve your guests with tap or bottled water, serve them “fancy” water. Not only is it impressive, but it’s also very nutritious! Not to mention the options are endless, and it’s always important to stay hydrated! Labeled Hors D'oeuvres being served at a party. Labeling the delicious Hors D’oeuvres A fancy cheese platter will impress any house guest, but if you really want to dazzle your guests, a labeled cheese platter is the way to go. The tray above was created with chalk paint, by applying it to an old picture frame. Not only is this DIY extremely inexpensive, but also a fancy way to dress up any cheese platter! We told you chalk paint would come in handy… Beautiful photo frames and a fake beautifying the interiors of a home. Our wifi, is your wifi We all know how important the internet can be now-a-days, especially when traveling. If you are having your guests staying overnight, this idea is simply the best we’ve seen so far. What better way to say “our home it your home” by sharing your wifi password with your guests? With all these suggestions to keep in mind, our last tip is one that is most often forgotten… Thank You written on a white paper with a pink background. Although it seems obvious, there is no better way to impress your guests, than with a personal handwritten note expressing gratitude. This last little detail will not only dazzle your guests, but it will let them know that they are always welcome back to your home.


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