Skin Care Trend: Sake Bath Treatment – Vine Vera Reviews

Two glasses of champagne on a bath tub.

Bath treatments have been gaining in popularity among women throughout recent years due to their various abilities and technological advances using products they believe in. For instance, many of us have heard of wine baths, a luxury indulgence in which you are submerged in a tub full of wine and other ingredients for anti-aging and detoxifying purposes. Another bath treatment that’s popularity is on the rise is the sake bath treatment. Vine Vera has the details and we’re ready to spill them on this hot new beauty trend – and why you want and need it.

What It Is
Sake bath treatments are made from using Japanese sake, or wine, which is made from fermented rice. This particular wine is known for detoxifying, brightening, hydrating and smoothing the skin from the outside in. This particular soak was conceived after scientists made the observation that the brewers of sake generally had extremely soft, smooth hands – and the hands were more youthful looking and vibrant than their faces, no matter their age.

What the Idea Came From
The idea of creating a luxury spa experience using sake soaks and developing products for purchase in store and online came from the beauty and skin care rituals of the Geishas of Japan. They follow strict rituals to keep their skin beautiful and healthy – and sake was an incorporated part of this beauty regimen every time. Scientists then took that and developed products which would be inclusive of sake, that would work and show results.

What’s In It
Sake soaks generally contain the following:

  • Sake
  • Sesame seed oil
  • Ginger root extract

These ingredients are combined together to develop and create a product which leaves the skin looking far more beautiful afterwards than it was before.

Japanese woman bathing in a hot spring and drinking sake.

How It’s Done
You can purchase a sake bath soak to use in your tub at home, or you could opt for a luxury experience, like the one offered at Aman Tokyo Resort, including the following:

  • A relaxing foot soak which includes sake, sea salt, and other ingredients
  • A body wrap, including clay and citrus fruit extracts, as well as ginger and vitamin C

The luxurious sake soak experience lasts for a full 45 minute time frame, and will leave your skin youthful, moisturized, and rejuvenated.

To get the experience at home, you can opt for a sake bath from Fresh, which you will pour into your bathtub under running water and soak in the water for at least 10 minutes, longer to intensify the effects. Simply rinse off, without using any soap, and towel off. Your skin will feel revived, moisturized, and happy. If used regularly, the sake soak will help to prevent the signs of aging and keep the skin supple and beautiful.

Vine Vera hopes this article helped educate you on the newest trend in skin care, and also, we hope you will take some time out for yourself to relax, pamper yourself, and give a sake soak a try – both for your mind, and for your body.


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