Fashion Update: Learn How to Cuff Your Jeans Right – Vine Vera Reviews

Spring is here and summer is dawning, and with that, cute, cuffed jeans are totally in – not to mention, they look adorable. Cuffing your jeans can add a whole new look to an old, tired pair of jeans. By cuffing your jeans too high, you risk your jeans looking more like a capri than a pair of jeans with cuffs. If you cuff them to low, you are risking looking as though you are wearing carpenter pants. So, how exactly does someone master the perfect cuff? Join Vine Vera as we school you on the best looks for cuffing your jeans – and how to do it yourself. It’s not hard, it’s fun to try, and is one of the main looks you should opt for this season.

Choose the Right Pair of Jeans
Choosing the right style and fit of jeans is important to getting the perfect cuff. Opt for a pair of skinny jeans, as these work the best for cuffing. The style of skinnies you choose is up to you and your personal preference.

A woman wearing blue jeans, lying on the floor in a white background.

Choose the Look You Love
Choose the type of cuff look you love, or one that suits your outfit or the things you need to do. If you want to spend the day grocery shopping or hanging out with friends, imperfect cuffs are right for you as they are more casual. If you want to wear your jeans to work for a Friday dress-down day, you might need a bit more of a dressy cuff. Below, we will detail a few different cuff looks you can opt for to get the look you want.

Perfectly Imperfect Cuffs
This look is fun, trendy, and casual – and super stylish to boot. Here’s how you get the perfectly imperfect cuff:

  1. Fold the bottom of the pants cuff up about 4 inches.
  2. Roll the cuff’s bottom piece down a bit, then fold up again until the bottom seam of the pants leg meets the top of the cuff.
  3. Jostle the cuff around a bit to give it a messy look.
  4. You’re all finished and ready to go! You can wear this look with any type of shoes you want, such as sandals, gladiator sandals, pumps, heels, or ankle boots.

Prim and Proper Cuff
When you have a pair of jeans you want to cuff with a style that’s fit for even the office or a lunch meeting, you can get this look by doing the following:

  1. Grasp the bottom portion of the bottom of the jeans, fold the side over and when the jeans are tight against your leg, fold the pant leg up.
  2. Repeat the fold up process again, once more on top of that if you want a higher leg.
  3. This style is suitable for jeans, dress pants, or chino type pants.

Low Cuffs
Low sitting cuffs are one of the most stylish looks in cuffs this season. Really skinny or form fitting pants look fabulous in this look – and it’s also the most simple cuff style to accomplish.

  1. Fold the pants upwards as high as the bottom seam goes – it will only be less than a half an inch or so that you need to fold over.
  2. You’re set – this look is classy, chic and stylish –all while appearing super casual.

Give one of these cute, stylish looks a try this spring, summer, or all year round – and give your pants a totally new look that’s classy and stylish. Vine Vera hopes you enjoyed this article, and it’s been a helpful tool in helping you build your personal style.


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