Shiraz Wine Fun Facts – Vine Vera Reviews

Couple of friends drinking red wine and laughing in a vineyard.

Shiraz wine has become one of the most popularly consumed wines in the world through time. Though it’s uncertain as to when exactly it got its beginning, it is a known fact that the Syrah grapes, used in producing Shiraz wine, were originally grown in France, and were named after the town in which they were first produced in. The Syrah grapes are a dark skinned, black grape variety capable of producing this fabulous, full-bodied wine with variations depending upon the grapes’ growing location. Vine Vera is here to give you some of the fun facts of Shiraz wine and Syrah grapes that you may not have known previously. Feel free to share these with other wine lovers like you, such as friends and family, and as always, be on the lookout for more interesting articles from Vine Vera in the coming weeks ahead.

Some Facts About Shiraz and Syrah Grapes

  • Shiraz wine is most widely produced in Australia, with over 105,000 acres dedicated to Syrah grapes, and are the most widely grown grapes for wine in Australia
  • France has over 169,000 acres dedicated to growing Syrah grapes used for Shiraz winemaking
  • Syrah grapes used for Shiraz wine were first grown in France, and need a specific climate in which to grow – such as warm, dry climates
  • Shiraz is typically blended with Cabernet Sauvignon in Australia, which is a truly Australian trait as this was not practiced in Old-World Shiraz wine making anywhere else in the world
  • Shiraz is best served with beef, veal or chicken dinner pairings
  • Shiraz has more body and color than any other wine; it’s a darker, richer color that that found in Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Syrah wine pairs very well with soft cheeses as an appetizer
  • One of the most widely popular brands of Shiraz is Penfolds Shiraz, crafted in Australia
  • Shiraz is a healthy wine, as it is believed to prevent heart disease, helps with stress, weight loss, contains many antioxidants imperative to overall health, and can help with anti-aging as it contains high levels of resveratrol. This wine has also been shown to help prevent various forms of cancer.
  • Shiraz usually comes in smoke, berry, plum and pepper flavors and varies by location of where the grapes were produced
  • Shiraz wine should never be stored in the refrigerator, and is best served at room temperature
  • One bottle of Shiraz wine contains about 2.8 lbs of Syrah grapes
  • Shiraz is also known as Syrah, Sirac, Serine, and others
  • Syrah translates to ‘Princess’ in the Arabic language
  • Some Shiraz wines are aged for well over 10 years

At Vine Vera, we adore wine – not only for its wonderful, complex flavors, or the many different varieties in which it comes, or it’s impeccable ability to be used for beauty & skin care products, but also for the wonderful health benefits they offer. One glass per day can improve health, heart, and blood function. Have a glass, and relax – from all of us here at Vine Vera, to you. Cheers!


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