Beginning of Spring: Closet Makeover – Vine Vera Reviews

Spring time is a time for renewal. Many women go on spring cleaning binges to allow their house to feel fresh, new and airy. Ridding the home of excess dust – and even things such as unnecessary items – can allow a space to be filled with new items, and give it a renewed feel. When it comes to making room for new items and ridding your home of the old, cleaning out the closets should definitely be on the list. Vine Vera offers helpful tips below for getting rid of the old items, and bringing in the new.

Caucasian woman getting rid of last year's clothes.

Get Rid of Last Year’s Shirts and Dresses
Getting rid of most of last year’s fashions is always a good idea – especially in terms of shirts, skirts, and dresses. Items like jeans and dress pants can generally be used or worn for an extended period of time, but items like shirts, dresses and trendy skirts should be replaced with the newest fashions. Your closet should contain 75% staple clothing, and 25% trendy items. This will allow yourself room to expand upon trendy items once they aren’t in anymore, and not break the bank in doing so. Pencil skirts that are plain in color are always in style, so when you shop, opt for items like these. The same goes for dresses, and shirts – your staple clothing should be items without designs, patterns, or over the top styles in which you won’t be able to wear for long. Choose high quality, high end items as often as possible for the long-lasting wearability the brands possess. They are usually very well made clothing items using the finest materials available.

Woman updating her closet for spring.

Upgrade Your Style
Buying new clothes is usually always exciting for any woman – and is a favorite hobby for many. When it comes to upgrading your styles for spring, incorporate vibrant colors such as red, pink, coral, purple, blue and green. Some closet essentials every woman should have on hand for the spring months are:

  • Sun dresses
  • Shorts
  • T-Shirts
  • Tank tops
  • Jeans
  • Skirts
  • Sandals
  • A few light cardigans or sweaters

Depending upon where you live in the world, spring time can possess different climate variations. Some places will call for more warm-weather appropriate clothing, while others will still feel a bit cool during the spring. Shop smart and according to the climate you are faced with daily.

Woman wearing a black bet on a pastel color dress holding a black hand bag.

Rather than buy too many clothing items with patterns or designs, feel free to accessorize with belts, necklaces, jewelry, or even in the form of cosmetics to coincide with your outfits. Accessories can add a contrasting pop of color, while preserving the integrity of the clothing, and allowing you to get more wear and use out of the clothing articles themselves. Pair clothing with the appropriate color schemed accessories, but when buying accessories, try to buy pieces that will work with more than one outfit. Again, shop smarter – not harder.

Spring is filled with vibrant, wonderful colors – look around, and find color inspiration in nature. Flowers, trees, and animals can give you a great color scheme for the spring season. Vine Vera hopes you take these tips and have fun updating your closet for the spring season!


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