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Cinderella Inspiration



With the recent release of the Cinderella movie, it’s safe to say there has been a mad craze over the Cinderella lifestyle and fashion showcased throughout the movie. Every girl has a dream of growing up to become a real life princess, and not much changes when a girl enters into womanhood. Every woman wants to feel like a princess or queen, and today, Vine Vera explores two of the Cinderella inspired cosmetic lines being launched across the country to help all of us feel like the princesses and queens we secretly are inside.

MAC Cosmetics Cinderella Collection
MAC Cosmetics has created yet another brilliant cosmetic line – this time, in the form of the MAC Cinderella Collection. Within this makeup collection, there are a mixed treasure trove of dazzling products, one Cinderella herself would be proud to wear. The packaging is gorgeous in a light lavender blue hue, and the products contained within look just as stunning and are crafted from some of the finest ingredients. MAC Cosmetics has rose to fame in the beauty world and is adored by beauty artists and cosmetic users worldwide for its spreadability and blending capabilities, matched by its vibrant color scheme. Within the Cinderella Line newly introduced by MAC, in which some products are currently on backorder due to their popularity, you can expect to find the following products:

  • ‘Stroke of Midnight’ 6 pallete eye shadow – featuring browns, champagnes, greys and whites among other shades
  • ‘Cinderella Studio Eye Gloss’ – an eye shadow that shines like a luxurious glass slipper
  • ‘Cinderella Pigment’ – Blackened purple in color, which can add color to the eyelids, hair, face – whatever you desire
  • ‘Cinderella Studio Fix Lash’ – Mascara
  • ‘Cinderella Lipstick’ – available in two beautiful pink shades for princess like lips
  • ‘Cinderella Iridescent Pressed Powder’ – Glistening, illuminating and gorgeous
  • ‘Cinderella Glitter’ – for use all over body

The above are just a few of the many products available in the Cinderella line. There are also lip glosses, cosmetic brushes, and more. Prices vary.

QVC’s Disney Cinderella Ultimate Fairytale Collection
Another fabulous and exceptionally popular brand comes to you from QVC, one of the home shopping networks. This makeup line launched very recently and has since gained huge popularity, causing all of the products to sell out in a very short amount of time. Backorders are piling up, and you can also get your order in for when the products become available again. Prices vary. Some of the fabulous products available from the QVC Cinderella line are as follows:

  • Sephora by OPI Nail Color in two blue hues, perfect for Cinderella like nails
  • A quad eye shadow palette including four contrasting colors, such as midnight blue, rose pink, light grey and charcoal hues
  • Clear lipgloss
  • Another eyeshadow palette including a wide array of vibrant, beautiful colors – 20 colors
  • Gorgeous Cinderella display box to store your beautiful products in

With both of these inspiring, beautiful, princess-like lines, Vine Vera is sure that many more companies will follow suit and also create their very own fairytale-like lines as well. Vine Vera believes you deserve to look and feel like a princess – so we encourage you to take a minute to splurge on yourself and create your very own princess like look today with some or all of these products!


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