Makeup Tips for Freckly Girls – Vine Vera Reviews

Beautiful girl with freckles and red hair.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, is what the age old adage says. For those who have freckles, it’s usually a love or hate relationship. Freckles can be accentuated or downplayed, depending on what look you are going for. If you have them across your cheeks, you can easily cover them up or make them appear less significant. For those who have them all over their body, and dislike them, this can be more of a challenge to cover up – but nothing is impossible. Vine Vera would like to provide some help to those who are struggling with learning makeup tips to deal with their freckles.

Use Cover Up
Cover up is a woman’s best friend, and in this case – this is especially true. Using cover up helps to conceal, or hide, the appearance of freckles – or at least downplay them, depending on how dark they are. Always apply concealer after applying your foundation so that it holds. You may need to use quite a bit of concealer in order to disguise the appearance of your freckles, depending on their color or size. This is always a surefire way to disguise their appearance, or make them seem less prominent.

Use a Good Primer
Before applying your foundation, using a tinted primer will help your foundation stick longer, work better, and appear smoother. Primers serve many purposes, but the main purposes are to provide SPF protection, fill in large pores, help makeup stay put longer, and increase the application ability of a foundation product. Primers, when tinted, can also help to mask or disguise freckles.

Beautiful woman with freckled skin and makeup

Draw Attention to Other Features
Sometimes, a woman may have too many freckles that are too dark to hide. After applying a primer, foundation, and concealer, if your freckles are still noticeable, you may want to try to take the attention off of the freckles and draw it elsewhere. This can be done by adding pops of color to your face with eyeshadow hues, or lipstick hues that detract from the freckles themselves. You could also add accessories such as a necklace or bold earrings which will help to draw the attention away from the face.

Tips for Covering Freckles on the Body
For those who have overall body freckles, it can be a bit more time consuming to hide them. If the weather permits, simply wearing a long sleeved shirt can help mask the appearance well. If that’s not possible due to summer heat or a particular outfit needing to be worn, you can always opt for airbrushed makeup. You can buy an airbrushing gun to use at home, or head to your favorite salon where the makeup will be applied. Airbrush makeup kits typically provide more even, thorough coverage than manually applying foundations and et cetera yourself. If you have never experienced airbrush makeup – you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Many a freckly girl has loved the airbrush experience – and Vine Vera is sure you will, too.


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