Beauty Tips for Freckly Girls – Vine Vera Reviews

Pretty freckled woman

Most of the posts about freckles that you will find on Google discuss the best ways to lighten or eliminate the appearance of these unique beauty spots. Here at Vine Vera we believe in celebrating every person’s unique beauty. Besides being a characteristic that makes someone stand out from the crowd, freckles are seriously in style right now. No seriously, freckles are everywhere! In fact, many people believe that freckles are an important part of what make a woman look youthful and pretty. Whether it’s a serious splatter or a light dusting of freckles, a woman who has the gift of freckles can also be frustrated by the demands of her unique skin. Usually ladies who spor these beauty spots have a paler skin tone and skin issues or needs that are uniquely their own. Read on to learn more about how to care about beautiful freckly skin.

Understand your skin tone
Understanding your skin tone is the first step to applying the right makeup on your freckled skin. And it is also known to be the trickiest part of your entire makeup routine. The best way to determine your skin tone is to step into natural light and try to look beyond your freckles. While most ladies with freckles have pale skin, they can be found on skin tones of varying shades. When determining your skin tone is is important to not only check for color but for undertone as well. Undertones generally fall into three categories; cool, warm or neutral. Think about what colors or jewelry types you usually wear to help you determine your undertone. If silvers and blues look best on you, you are a cool tone. If you prefer browns and golds than you are warm. Those with neutral undertones usually feel comfortable with either side of the spectrum.

Applying makeup to freckly skin

Never cake foundation on your skin
You may think that we are simply stating the obvious, but many women find this step to be extremely tricky. If you put on too much foundation or the wrong type of foundation, you can end up with a cakey look. Plus, you will end up covering all your freckles! More natural looks like the no makeup, makeup look are highly prized, making thick and heavy foundations out of style. This is why the right foundation is essential, leading us to our next point.

Search for the right foundation
Many women prefer to use mineral makeup on freckly skin because it delivers a very natural finish and offers buildable coverage. Opt for a CC cream if you need something that evens out your tone. This should help correct any skin tone issues without hiding your freckles.

Sheer formulas usually work the best
Try choosing a BB or CC cream or a lightweight tinted moisturizer to let your freckles shine through. Look for something that simply evens out your skin tone without adding too much coverage.

Never match the makeup to your freckles 
Matching makeup base color to your freckles can make your skin look muddy and no one wants that. Work with your natural skin tone, rather than color of your freckles. Moreover, matching your makeup to your freckles also creates an entirely new challenge because your face ends up becoming too dark for your neck.

Brighten your look with blush
Adding some color to your cheeks can make you look even more beautiful but it is very important to choose the right shade. Generally, we would advise to stay away from brown shades as you already have too much of that color on your face from your freckles. A peach or pink colored blush should offer a nice contrast to your face to brighten up your look.

Applying SPF to protect freckly skin

Don’t forget your SPF
Though most freckles are genetic, damaging UV rays from a sun play a factor and certainly exacerbate freckles. More importantly, not protecting yourself from the sun can lead to premature aging and more scarily skin damage or even cancer. Be sure to use a broad-spectrum  sunscreen with at least SPF 15, on a daily  basis and re-apply according the instructions.

Love your freckled skin and treat it right by following these helpful tips from Vine Vera.


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