Wine Style Inspiration – A Simple Drink Inspires the Catwalk – Vine Vera Reviews

Fashion/style inspired by marasalaWine isn’t all about drinking and enjoying, it’s also a fashion forward form of inspiration, which oozes out into make up, fashion, shoes, even hair color.

Take this season’s must wear color for example – marsala.

Now, marsala is a very popular form of red wine, produced in the Sicilian city of, you guessed it, Marsala. This is a rich, fortified wine, which can be used for cooking as well as drinking, and pairs very well with chocolate and asparagus. With taste overtones of brown sugar and apricot, as well as apple and morello cherry, marsala is versatile, which is exactly what the color is too.

Pick up a beauty magazine this year and you will see countless nods to this famous wine with many uses, and this is incorporated not only into clothing colors, including bodycon dresses with that earthy red/brown hue, midi skirts which cling to curves, and tops with elegant peplum flares, but also into makeup.

Nail varnish is marsala this year, lipstick is very into marsala this year, with a powerful lip to go perfectly alongside a strong power-dressing outfit. You can even dye your hair marsala, with red making a big come back into fashion, having gone off the boil a little over the last few years.

Marsala inspired makeupFrom this major trend then, there is no denying that wine inspires fashion, just as much as it inspires great food pairings.

Look at champagne for instance, a few years ago this seemingly innocent enough alcoholic beverage, usually saved for big occasions to celebrate, inspired a whole generation to dye their hair champagne blonde. Once upon a time it used to be platinum, then it became champagne.

The marsala craze is sophisticated, elegant, and can be paired with other dark colors in the same vein. Marsala works wonderfully with black, grey, cream, white, and looks fantastic with most skin tones. Paler tones who want to give a real pop to lips can use the marsala tone lipstick, or maybe be a little subtler and use nail varnish for a more understated look. For darker skin tones, marsala compliments and highlights, again adding glamour to even a simple outfit or look.

The ruby reds of red wine is seen as elegant and deep, bold even, and this is exactly what high end fashion is. Marsala itself however isn’t too dark, which makes it easy to wear, with earthy brown tones running subtly through it.

If you want to give yourself a true fashionable nod this season, make sure some part of your outfit or overall look includes a little marsala, even if it’s just a simple scarf tied around a handbag – you’ll be bang on trend, and a few envious looks will no doubt come your way.


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