Revamp Your Wardrobe for a New Lifestyle – Vine Vera Reviews

wardrobeThere’s something about a new year that makes us dig into our wardrobes and bring about a dramatic change in our physical appearance. But, you don’t really need to revamp your entire wardrobe to enjoy a new lifestyle. You don’t need to dye your hair, max out your credit or lose 20 pounds to feel different either. Simple changes and minor alterations can work wonders in transforming the way you look. Vine Vera examines the best ways to revamp your wardrobe and create new styles. These solutions are not only quick and affordable; they don’t need any willpower either!

Step 1 – Revamp your strategy
The first thing that you need to do while revamping your wardrobe is to bring about a change in your strategies. Take stock of your wardrobe and try to determine things that need changing. Write down your main objectives, set out guidelines and review your wardrobe’s weak spots. Don’t forget to examine the versatility of your clothes.

Step 2 – Detox the wardrobe
The next step is to give your wardrobe a proper detox. Go through every piece of clothing and get rid of items that don’t inspire you or make you feel confident. Try to zero in on the strong points and examine the things that need more attention.

Step 3 – Get inspired
The ideal way to understand what works is to search for inspiration. Thanks to the advent of social media and style blogs, you have unlimited options to figure out the latest fashions and examine what works for you. Get creative and start collecting on inspiration from magazines, Pinterest and blogs. Try to select colors, themes, materials and pieces that suit you the most.

Step 4 – Create your own style
Once you have all the information you need, combine all tidbits into a flowing storyline. This lets you create a style concept and helps you to understand what you need in order to revamp your wardrobe.

Step 5 – Create a capsule wardrobe
A capsule wardrobe simply refers to a selection of 20 – 30 key pieces that help you to express your style and can be pulled together to create an outfit for every occasion. You need to look at them as the “main ingredients” of the wardrobe. With these ingredients in the mix, you are rest assured of having the end result look good.

Step 6 – Accessorize
The idea is not to buy a new wardrobe, the idea is to make people feel like you bought a new one. Accessories are an ideal way to update your wardrobe because you can wear them one day after the other. Look for things made from exotic skin and faux crocodile leather or choose handbags that are made from brass hardware. Finally, think about adding one of those black patent-leather clutches to complete your look and make your clothes feel modern.

Step 7 – Create your go-to looks
Design a few go-to looks for some of your main activities. For example, define your look for work, going out, parties, events, gym, and more. Take a look at your inspiration and create a style concept for your looks.

Step 8 – Mend things
There are bound to be a number of clothes that can be mended and put back into rotation. You are bound to have clothes you don’t wear because there is a hole in the thigh or because they split. Just take a needle and mend them to start wearing them again.

Step 9 – Maintain your wardrobe
Keep the wardrobe well-maintained. You need to update it throughout the year and do a thorough overhaul at least two times a year. Deal with repairs and add new things into your wardrobe. Keep things updated and look fashionable. 

Step 10 – Mix-and-Match fashion
Make the most of your existing pieces by pairing them with the right ingredients. For example, you can make your sweater look brand new by cinching it with a thin belt. Another option would be to dress up your turtleneck with a ladylike necklace. Other options include tying a sweater around your waist, adding a necklace and a hat to a basic outfit and wearing an untied ascot around your neck.


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