Vine Vera’s Shopping Tips – Vine Vera Reviews

Shopping with many shopping bagsA long day of shopping can sometimes seem a bit daunting, and is bound to be energy-draining, but with some good preparation and by following a Vine Vera’s simple tips, you will have nothing but an enjoyable experience.

Think wisely when it comes to choosing the best time to go shopping. Avoid weekends and rush hours, as the shops will be packed with people and it could lead to a stressful experience. The weekdays will be much calmer, and the sales staff will be able to attend to your needs in much more detail.

Before you leave for the shops, some simple preparation will make your day run much more smoothly. If you are shopping for specific items, make a list and try your best to stick to it throughout the day, no matter how much temptation you may encounter! Do some preliminary research on the items you are seeking, and find out which shops you will need to visit. If you aren’t searching for particular items, evaluate your closet before you leave the house, so that you know which types of garments you could do with buying.

If you find that you usually end up overspending on shopping trips, set yourself a budget. Take a certain amount of cash with you and leave your credits cards at home, except for one which you should keep on you in case of an emergency. Remember that a new pair of shoes does not count as an emergency!

It is important to dress appropriately for a shopping trip, in clothes that are not only comfortable to wear over a long period of time, but also easy to remove in a changing room. To begin with, wear comfortable undergarments that are well fitted and work with different outfits. A nude color is usually best, as it won’t end up detracting attention away from any of the clothes you try on. Wear a loose fitted top that can be taken off easily without getting stretched, and choose some pull-on pants or trousers rather than tight jeans or leggings. This will make trying on new clothes much more convenient.

Simple flats, with no laces, buckles or extra straps, are always the best shoe option for a day of shopping. If you are shopping for something that you will be wearing heels with, bring a pair along with you in your handbag, rather than wearing them for the whole day. Your handbag should not be too heavy, and a style that slings across your body is best, as this will leave your hands free for easy shopping.

Keep your accessories to a minimum, as they are easy to forget about when you are leaving a changing room. Keep your hair tied up in a simple style, as it can often get in the way when trying on new clothes. Wear a minimal amount of make up so that you don’t end up leaving make up smudges on new merchandise, but make sure you still feel happy and confident in the way that you look.

Save all of your receipts when shopping, in case you need to return any items. Make sure to never shop on an empty stomach, and take frequent breaks for either food or re-hydration. Keep your energy levels and spirits high, as a good mood is the best tool to have when searching for fabulous new items for your wardrobe or home.


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