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Sleeping In today’s world, we are always pressed for time. Hectic schedules, demanding work routines and house responsibilities mean that we end up eating into our sleeping hours. This also means that we are experts at falling asleep the moment we hit the bed. However, sleeping and sleeping peacefully are completely different things. They say that things like chamomile tea and warm baths work wonders in allowing you to sleep peacefully. But what if these things don’t work? Vine Vera discovered that there are a number of things in your bedroom that could be responsible for your sleepless nights. This article from Vine Vera Skincare examines how your surroundings affect your sleep patterns.

Regulate the temperature

A cool bedroom always offers better sleep. Your body temperature rises and falls throughout the day and this pattern is usually linked to your sleep cycles. As you go to sleep, the body temperature should dip and continue to cool down until the next morning. If the bedroom is too hot, it can make you feel restless and affect your natural body temperature. Vine Vera recommends you to maintain the temperature between 60 – 72 degrees. If poor circulation of air leaves you with chilly extremities, wear socks before going to bed.

Take care of your pillows and mattress

A firm mattress isn’t necessarily the best option. The ideal mattress is one that is comfortable to sleep in. The same goes for your pillows. When it comes to your pillows, choose one that supports your neck and your head and allows them to rest in a neutral position. Replace the pillows once they become shapeless or lumpy. Experts recommend that you should replace your pillows every two years and your mattresses every eight years.

Fall in love with aromatherapy

If you’re not sure about what scents calm your mind, going for lavender is the best bet. Lavender is known to reduce insomnia and anxiety and it decreases your blood pressure and heart rate to let you enjoy a nice and peaceful sleep. According to a particular study, people who sniffed lavender before sleeping experienced a deeper sleep and felt more refreshed.

Clean the room

Having a clean and clutter-free bedroom works wonders in letting you sleep peacefully. According to research conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, people who make their beds every morning are more likely to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Cluttered and dirty surroundings make you feel anxious and this affects the quality of your sleep. It also helps to ensure that your room is a place where you want to be. Try to choose colors that suit your palette and soothe your senses and design the room to be visually pleasing.

Dim the lights

Lights signal your brain that it is time to get up. Dimming the lights produces melatonin, the hormone that induces sleep. It makes sense to dim the lights at least one hour before you plan to sleep. It is also important to avoid using blue lights in your bedroom. Blue lights suppress the release of melatonin and this can dramatically affect your sleep patterns. The ideal addition to your bedroom décor would be low-wattage bulbs. It also helps to keep the cell phones, computers and televisions away from the sleeping area.   

Wash the sheets

Almost three quarters of people have reported to enjoy a better sleep after sleeping on sheets that have a fresh scent. The key to enjoying a good night’s sleep is to do your laundry. This also works wonders for your skin. Choose a detergent which has a scent that you love and wash your covers and sheets once every week.


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