Best Chianti Wine Pairings – Vine Vera Reviews

Bottle of Chianti with some poured in glasses standing near food pairings like pasta

Chianti is a wine that is supposed to be had with food. Chianti and food are actually a match made in heaven. This article from Vine Vera concentrates on offering you insights into some of the best Chianti wine pairings. You might not find a number of American wine producers making Chianti wines, but that is because Chianti isn’t a grape varietal in itself. It is essentially a region in Tuscany that is much more important than the varietals that it produces. If you’re looking to enjoy some Chianti wine in the US, look no further than the Sangiovese. When thinking of the best food items to pair with Chianti, most people prefer pasta with red sauce. But, there are so many other things that can easily be paired with Chianti as well. Vine Vera showcases some of the hottest dishes that you can easily pair with the Chianti wine.


Chianti is the perfect companion to lasagna. It has a higher acidity and stands up to the rich use of tomato sauce in lasagna. Chianti also has enough flavor of its own to stand up to the meat or sausage that is used in the lasagna.

Spaghetti Bolognese

The Spaghetti Bolognese uses a rich meat sauce that pairs amazingly well with the Chianti wine. However, make sure that you use some Chianti in cooking the spaghetti as well. It is essential to ensure that you don’t cook with one wine and serve with an entirely different one.

Roasted lamb

Roasted lamb can easily be paired with the Chianti wine. The spicy flavors used in the meat can easily blend with the acidic nature of the Chianti, thereby giving you an amazing food and wine combination.   


Most people believe that Chioppino originated in Italy. However, this dish was first created by fishermen from San Francisco whose diets were limited to whatever they caught and couldn’t sell. Trading with other fishermen bought variety in their diets and this also led to the creation of one of the most famous seafood stews in the world. The brininess that seafood brings along with it can easily compliment the Chianti.

Pizza Margherita

Anyone wanting to enjoy a great wine with their pizza can always fall back on the Chianti. Chianti is a wine that is light enough to ensure that it doesn’t overwhelm the subtle and simple flavors of the pizza margherita. However, its acidity content also ensures that it stands up to the tomato flavor. Try making the pizza on an extremely hot gas or a charcoal grill to add some depth to the flavor.

Other Guidelines

Most food dishes that are paired with the Chianti wine have tomatoes or red sauce in them. However, the Chianti wine is refreshingly light and this means that it can beautifully compliment pork and chicken dishes as well. The California Sangiovese is an ideal choice for a lighter meat because it often has a lighter style than most Italian Chiantis. Another thing to note is that the Sangiovese and the Chianti are the only red wines that go well with seafood. An ideal blend, however, would be to pair your seafood with white wine.


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