Best Dating Apps for 30-Somethings – Vine Vera Reviews

Looking at dating app on tabletHave you noticed the epidemic of dating sites where you are constantly being harassed by weird, jobless guys who live in their mom’s basement and immediately message you dirty pictures? Apparently a lot of women are fed up with those kinds of experiences that gave online dating a bad name in the first place. The following apps and websites open up a whole new world of dating possibilities.

If you are sick of going on the same boring dinner and drinks dates, then you should check out HowAboutWe, an app that focuses on the date activity rather than on in-depth compatibility profiles. You post fun, unique date suggestions and whoever is interested can send you a message. This site is ideal for out-of-the box thinkers and those who crave new adventures and experiences. Even after you’ve met your perfect guy, the two of you can continue the adventure on HowAboutWe’s sister site You&I, which features fun dates for couples.

Tinder is an excellent app. Now, hear me out. Tinder has a reputation for being a shallow “hot or not” app that is only good for hookups. While it certainly can be used to spontaneously meet a hot stranger, many people have built long-term relationships (and even marriages!) off of a Tinder match. Here’s how it works: you swipe left if you don’t like the guy and swipe right if you’re into him. Besides seeing his picture, you also learn the guy’s name, age, and whether or not you have any of the same Facebook friends or interests. The great thing about this model is that you can only message one another if you both swipe right. This means that even though plenty of guys may be ogling your photo, they can’t talk to you unless the interest is mutual.

Perhaps you find that dating sites simply have too many options and you don’t have the time to sift through all of the losers to get to the good guys. Coffee Meets Bagel solves that problem by sending you only one special match (bagel) at noon each day. You won’t get tons of emails or notifications harassing you. If you like the bagel who has been selected for you, you can express your interest. If you’re both interested, you’ll be allowed to contact one another. It’s that simple! You can still experience the enjoyment of online dating, even if you don’t have the time or patience to spend hours a day screening men.

Many women miss out on great guys because they are nervous to approach men. A new app called Siren encourages women to take control of their online dating fate by allowing only the women to make the first move. Women can see the men’s profiles and pictures on the site, but men can only see the women’s answers to the Question of the Day. If a woman likes a man’s profile, she can make her entire profile visible to only that man. Women can also issue a “Siren Call”, which lets men in the area know that the woman is available to meet for a date right away. Civilized flirting and female empowerment are encouraged on Siren.

Whichever app you choose, remember that online dating is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. You may come across a few duds, but there are thousands of amazing men on these sites waiting for a wonderful woman like you! Give a few of these apps a chance, and you just may find the man of your dreams!


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