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Mini thirtieth birthday cake decorated with a single candleIf you’re just about to turn 30 and are looking for an exciting way to celebrate your 30th birthday, Vine Vera has the perfect solutions for you. Turning 30 can be extremely depressing for many women around the world, but it doesn’t always have to be so. The thirties are not about what you haven’t accomplished and they’re certainly not about getting closer to the end of the world. The thirties are about celebrating your new found wisdom, your newly discovered confidence, a better income and a better career. This article from Vine Vera helps you discover some exciting ways to celebrate your 30th birthday so that you actually give it the importance it deserves.

Enjoy a spa day

What better way to greet the 30s than to pamper your body. You’re doing so much for everyone else and are bogged down with so much stuff that it becomes difficult to take time out for yourself. Book a spa day, catch hold of your girls and spend the day getting facials, manicures, massages, and more.

Throw a brunch party

Being in your thirties is all about becoming an adult. So do something that adult women would be expected to do. Throw a brunch party for your close friends at your home or at a lavish restaurant. Either way, you are bound to have a blast.

Change your hairstyle

Your thirties might not be the time to go crazy and try something wacky, but you can always change your hairstyle and experiment with your hair. If you feel that your hair style has been stagnant for a while, go to a salon for a new sense of style.

Go for a road trip to somewhere you’d never imagine

The thirties are all about opening up new possibilities for yourself. Ask your mom, your bff or your better half to accompany you and have the time of your life. Visit a new place for a day, a place that you would never even dream of going to. Don’t forget to carry the camera along. Chances are, you might just end up discovering a new place to go for a day trip every once in a while.

Go for a photo shoot

It’s surely been a long time since you went for that last photo shoot, complete with props, your favorite people and party dresses (unless you’re a celebrity or a model). An ideal way to celebrate your 30th birthday would be to grab your family or your friends for a fun photo shoot where you’re the star attraction.

Bake your own cake

Bake a cake for yourself this year. Don’t get someone else to bake it for you, don’t ignore the cake and don’t buy it. Bake it yourself. Baking a cake will give you a sense of accomplishment and pride and the cake should finally be able to enjoy a guilt-free trip to your stomach.

Go for a wine tasting tour

If you love your glass of wine, spend the day tasting some of the best wines on offer. You can search for nearby places that offer wine tasting tours and spend the day tasting all sorts of delicious wines and drinks with your closest friends.

Volunteer at a place that’s special to you

If you have a passion or a particular interest, volunteer your time at an establishment which caters to your interest. Some are passionate about underprivileged children or the homeless while others may be passionate about running. Irrespective of your passions, you are bound to find something where you can volunteer your time. The ideal way to celebrate your 30th birthday is to take the focus away from your age and put it on something that is important to you.

Throw a ladies weekend

You’ve surely enjoyed a number of ladies’ nights, but it’s now time to throw a ladies’ weekend. Plan something with your besties that requires you to stay away from home for a few days. A birthday with your favorite girls is a birthday that you’re bound to remember all your life.

Enjoy a bonfire night

If a full-fledged party isn’t your cup of tea, enjoy an intimate bonfire. Invite your closest friends or your lover and spend the night around the fire. Take out that wine and get ready for an amazing night with the people who mean the world to you.

Tick something off the bucket list

Everyone has a bucket list with a list of things that they want to do before they reach a certain landmark. Take out your bucket list, think of something that you can do on your 30th birthday and do it. After all, the 30th birthday is an ideal time to actually do something that has been important to you for a long while.

Remember, your 30th birthday is a pivotal point in your life. Spend it wisely and live it up. It only comes once in during your lifetime.


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