Vine Vera Helps You Develop an Age Appropriate Makeup Routine – Vine Vera Reviews

Going through her makeup routine at the bathroom mirrorWhen was the last time you carried a backpack of books down a crowded hallway full of jocks, nerds, and cheerleaders? If the answer is more than ten years ago, then why hasn’t your face gotten the memo? If you haven’t updated your make up routine since sophomore year, it might be time to re-evaluate your look. Let’s tone down the glitter eye shadow and frosty lipgloss. Conversely, if someone has guessed your age and the number was shockingly high, perhaps your “grown-up” makeup routine is actually prematurely aging you. Caking on foundation and drawing on tons of thick black eyeliner isn’t doing you any favors.

You aren’t old enough to have tons of wrinkles or imperfections that you need to conceal, but you definitely aren’t a kid anymore either. Looking great as a younger adult isn’t about hiding your face under a mask of cosmetics, nor is it about trying to actually look like a teenager. The key is choosing the right products that will enhance your natural beauty and keep you looking amazing at any age.

Start with a Nice Canvas

The most important component to a great make up look has nothing to do with make up at all. Think of your skin as the canvas and the make up as the paint. You can’t paint a masterpiece on a dirty canvas! The first thing you want to do is make sure that your skin care routine is working in your favor. Department stores, high-end make up shops, and even drugstores all have great options for face washes, scrubs, face masks, and lip exfoliators. Some products are great for oily skin, while some are perfect for dry skin, so you should research the best options for your skin type and condition. Now that your canvas is looking clear and beautiful, it’s time to paint!

Foolproof Foundation

The choice of foundation can seriously make or break your look. Stay away from thick, cakey foundations that make you look like a doll – in a bad way. You are a young vibrant woman, so choose a natural looking foundation that shows off your skin. Of course, if you have blemishes or acne, you can use a concealer and foundation to camouflage those imperfections, but don’t pile on those products so heavily that people can tell that you are wearing an inch of make up. You want to actually look like a real person. Cream, liquid, or powder foundations are all wonderful options, so choose a formula that allows your youthful glow to shine through.

Beautiful Eyes

Next, let’s talk about your beautiful eyes. Experimenting with eye shadows and eyeliners is undoubtedly a lot of fun, but a pretty look can quickly take a turn for the worst. Whether it’s the goth girl with raccoon-like black circles around her eyes or the homecoming queen with a blinding amount of neon sparkle on her lids, teen girls are known for being a little heavy handed with their eye shadows. You don’t have to give up your favorite colors, but trading in the glittery formulas (they’re still perfect for the holidays!) for their matte counterparts will give you a more adult look while still retaining your individuality. You may also want save the brighter, more vibrant shades for nights and weekends and use neutrals during the work day. Neutral toned shadows are beautiful, but they won’t distract your co-workers during your next big meeting.

Look After Lips

Choosing the perfect lip products can be a little tricky. One way to get a pulled-together adult look is to opt for lipstick rather than the gloopy, frosty, or glittery glosses that teenage girls tend to love. Glosses were all the rage for several years, but sophisticated lipsticks have come back with a vengeance. There is no lack of beautiful lipstick shades and textures to choose from. Be careful not to wear a formula that is too drying or mattifying, as it can emphasis lines and prematurely age the lips.

These are just a few quick tips to creating an easy, age-appropriate routine. Don’t use make up to hide or to relive your teenage years. Remember, the key to staying young is keeping the “you” in youthful. Create a routine that will highlight your unique beauty and personality for years to come.


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