Vine Vera Busts Workout Myths – Vine Vera Reviews

attractive fitness woman, trained female body, lifestyle portrait, caucasian modelEveryone is trying to maximize the results derived from the time spent at the gym. Man’s preference for shortcuts has led to the creation of all sorts of myths when it comes to exercise. Vine Vera reviews some of the most common workout myths to save you from believing one of them to be true.

Myth: There is no gain without any pain

This is one of the most common myths among many gym goers. Feeling pain through your workouts won’t make it more effective. And you shouldn’t be exercising to a level of pain in the first place. The idea is to exercise smarter, not harder.

Myth: All that matters is the weight

Most newbies at the gym love to check their weight every single day. They see no improvements week after week and tend to become impatient. They end up believing that exercise won’t accomplish anything and term it as pointless. However, they don’t realize that after a few months of exercise, their body has become healthier and the risk factors have drastically reduced.

Myth: Women shouldn’t lift weights

Many women who do lift weights, get pretty frustrated when they hear this myth. Just because you lift weights doesn’t mean that you will end up bulking up. In order to bulk up, you need to overload the muscles with a low amount of reps and a high amount of weight.  Conversely, if  you lifting a small amount of weights with lots of reps you are building muscle but the long lean kind that women usually favor. Moreover, the high estrogen levels in women literally make it very difficult to build a lot of bulk.

Myth: Protein shakes after workouts are a must

Protein shakes are almost the same as eating another meal after exercising. They are usually low quality food items and it is always better to eat some real food. Protein shakes or supplement products are processed and they hardly offer any real value to your body when compared to real foods.

Myth: All that matters is spending 30 minutes in the gym every day

A gym helps you to keep healthy, but it doesn’t mean that you can eat anything that you want. You still need to control your diet and regulate what you eat. Moreover, it is essential to cut out the junk food and fill your diet with real, unprocessed food.

Myth: Low-intensity exercise can burn more fat

Low intensity exercises are less stressful on your joints, but they don’t end up burning more fats. The more the intensity of your exercise, the more carbohydrates you burn. The amount of fat that is burned might be lower, but you burn more calories and that is always the bottom line.

Myth: The heart rate monitors tell you how hard you work out

The science of monitoring the heart rate is flawed. The ideal way to determine how hard you’re working out is your body. Your own sense of how hard you’re working out is more accurate than any of those heart rate monitors. This is because your perceptions of your limit are bound to increase with time, something that the heart rate monitor fails to understand. Moreover, the monitor is completely ineffective for certain types of exercises.

Myth: The Cardio machine counts the amount of calories burnt

The calorie count on your cardio machines doesn’t mean anything. There are a number of machines that don’t even ask for the weight or the sex of a person. Moreover, these machines don’t ask for your body composition either. Experts state that it is impossible for a woman with 18% body fat to burn the same amount of fat as a woman with 35% body fat. Thus, the numbers offered by these machines are always inaccurate.


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